Best Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting

Top 10 Best Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting for 2023

Are you looking for the best ladder stand for bow hunting? Hunting is not just a profession, there is a wide range of people out there who hunt for their passion or hobby.

For hunting, there are lots of things which you need to keep in mind and require for a good hunting experience. When you go hunting, you have to wait a lot for your target or prey and in such situations, you can get tired by standing in a single place or sitting down on the ground with the support of a tree which can be risky for you.

For eliminating this risk, you need to buy a ladder stand which comes with a wide range of benefits. 

Such kind of ladder stands or ladders contribute to giving you great exposure to hunting. You can place your compound bow and sit on that as well while hunting which sounds so good.

There are different brands out there in the online and offline market which offer stand ladders for bow hunting. You can choose one of them if a ladder stand is able to achieve your goals and fits in your field.

However, before making a purchase, you’ll need to consider a number of things which we’ll discuss later on. 

You just need to stick to this article because you are going to have a detailed review of the ladder stands from a variety of brands. 

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What is a Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting? 

Before getting into the details, you really need to know what is a ladder stand for bow hunting exactly, especially if you are a beginner. A ladder stand is a tree stand basically that is complete with a ladder system and besides that, it also offers a foot platform and a seat that is erected on the tree in one piece.

Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting

Usually, these are used by both the hunters and gun hunters. For this ladder, you do not require any separate climbing sticks like a hang on the stand plus it is not as portable as the greatest climbing tree stands are. 

How does the Ladder Stand Work During Bow Hunting? 

If you are a hunter and deliberately looking for a ladder stand that can help you out in safe hunting activity, it’s a great idea for you. This ladder stands for bow hunting work simply as they are having some additional features in comparison to a simple ladder.

A ladder stand can help you in hiding while hunting, you can rest while sitting on it during hunting and you can easily place your foot on it comfortably. Additionally, you can place your rifle as well on this stand and keep an eye on your target with your other tools so conveniently. Usually, these ladders are placed at the location of your hunting.

Why Should You Get a Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting? 

For hunters or gun hunters, this can be an ideal choice because sometimes it happens that they look for prey to hunt and they spend a great amount of time on that which can make them exhausted.

Furthermore, they don’t even find a good place to rest because there can be any animal that can come and harm them. To prevent such chances for risks, you should have a ladder stand for bow hunting if you are a professional or hunting enthusiast.

There are many reasons for having a ladder stand. You can have a great hunting experience with this equipment because it will make your hunting easy. 

Should I Choose a Single or a Double Ladder Tree Stand? 

If we talk about the double ladder stands, they are basically used by the great hunters and those who are there with their partners. If you are a beginner plus you are going to hunt alone then you should go for a single ladder tree stand.

Double ones are heavier and take a little more time for installation however they offer you a little more elbow room for your belongings. In comparison to double ones, single ladder stands are light in weight and small in size. They do not take much time to set them up and do not take up much space. 

If you are confused about which one should be chosen, you need to consider your weight first and the weight of your equipment too. When deciding between a one-man ladder stand and two men, compare the total to the weight capacity of the stands.

After that consider your particular taste such as mobility and other things as well. Moreover, hunters who frequently change their locations will get an advantage from a hang-on stand or climber. 

Tripod vs Ladder Stand? 

When it comes to choosing between these two, the tripod and ladder stand, people get confused. Before comparing these both, you really need to know what they are exactly. Of course, they are having differences on the basis of a variety of things which you should keep in mind while choosing between them. 


Tripod is basically used when you go hunting in plain areas where not many trees are suitable to ladder stands. It is a three-legged frame or stand that may be carried around (not easily, I guess) and also used for supporting the weight of the hunter and stability of other objects while hunting. 

Ladder Stand 

A ladder stand includes a stand and a seat platform. The platform, which is half curved, fits partially around a tree. There are things that are used to attach the stand to the tree such as cam buckle, ratchet straps, chains, and ropes. Some ladder stands are manufactured and some are made from scratch. 


If we compare the weight of both, tripods are substantially lighter than the ladder stands because of their compact shape. In conclusion, you can easily pack them up and relocate them to a new hunting region. Whereas ladder stands are more bulky or heavy and unwieldy than tripod stands. 

Easy To Assemble 

When it comes to ease of assembly, you need something which does not take much time and is set up easily. In comparison to tripods, the ladder stands are relatively quite simple to install. While they may pop and creak as they climb, they are still significantly faster to put up than tripods. 


During hunting, you need to move from one location to another one. Tripods are lightweight and they remain the most portable and packable stand. You can easily pack them up and move to another deer sighting. On the other hand, ladder stands are quite heavier than tripods and it’s not easy to move them but it depends on the weight and number of partners you are having. 


When you buy a product, firstly you should consider whether it is convenient to use or not. When you compare these two tripods and the ladder stands, the ladder stands are more comfortable than the tripod stands, but in reality, it depends on the person’s choice for me, I like ladder stands.

Hunting Areas 

The tripods enable you to navigate into locations or circumstances where you can get this advantage over the whitetail deer. Tripods trace the animals and take a good shot. On the other hand, the ladder stands are the best choice because they fit in a better hunting environment and provide fewer chances for deer to notice you. 

Things To Consider while looking For Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting

If you are a hunting enthusiast, you really need a ladder stand for bow hunting because you can easily target and keep an eye on your target or prey.

Additionally, you can take other advantages as well, however before getting a ladder stand, you need to consider a variety of things such as ease of installation, material, comfort level, and many other things.

If you would consider them, you are going to have a high-quality ladder stand that will provide you more advantageous hunting experience. Further, you are going to invest a handsome amount, so choose it wisely. 

Let’s get into the details! 

How High Should the Ladder Stand Be? 

When it comes to especially hunting a deer, your personal preference plays an important role. Some hunters prefer to hunt from a higher ladder treestand while others prefer to hunt from a lower ladder tree stand.

It’s a common view that a standing height of 15 to 20 feet is good enough since it keeps the stand out of your target’s direct line of sight without being too high. A ladder stand will offer a better view of your surroundings than a ground-level stand. It’s your foremost responsibility to consider the height of the ladder stand which you are looking for. 

Is the Seat Comfortable?

While hunting, you are going to sit on the seat which comes with a ladder stand, that’s comfortability matters a lot. The ladder tree stand seats are provided with a good level of comfort during your time hunting out of the stands.

When you consider the convenient level of a seat, do not forget to consider the height of the seat because that matters a lot. Usually, hunters find a higher seat more comfortable. You can add up to your comfort by adding a tree stand umbrella. 

What’s the Platform Size of the Stand?

It is one of the most important things to be considered. Before you have a ladder stand for bow hunting, you need to consider the size of the platform for the stand. Hunters that prefer to fire from a standing position will benefit from larger platforms.

When bow hunting, you may go for a broader platform because it is extremely useful. When you explore a wide range of ladder stands in the market, after considering all the essential things, you can go for one which appeals to you. 

How Am I Going to Put the Ladder Stand Up?

When it comes to the ease of putting up a ladder stand, it is quite easy to do so. If you are having a group of people, ladder tree stands are usually straightforward to set up and it is also feasible to set up a certain one-man stand on your own, however, it is recommended to have someone for assistance at the very least as a precaution.

If you can’t find anyone to assist you, consider purchasing a ladder stand that is light in weight.

Does the Ladder Stand Have a Footrest?

If you are going to have a ladder stand, you should consider the footrest in that. Although a footrest may appear to be a minor feature of a ladder stand however it makes a significant difference in comfort when it is in the stand.

The availability of a footrest relieves pressure on the lower back and hips. An extra level of comfort can make all the difference, especially for those of us who like to spend long periods on the stand. During your research for the best ladder stand for bow hunting, you should prioritize ladder stands with a footrest. 

Is the Stand Solid Enough? 

There is no hunter who will feel happiness or like to fall off the stand while seated on it. Before having a ladder stand, you should consider its material and figure out if it is solid enough or not.

To avoid falling, you should choose a ladder constructed with steel. While considering other things, the weight capacity of a ladder stand is also important.

A single ladder stand has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. On the other hand, the weight capacity for a  double man ladder stand is around 500 pounds. Now, you can choose according to your own weight and the weight of your equipment. 

Quality of material 

When it comes to material that should be of high quality. If you are looking for the best ladder stand for bow mounting, you should make sure and consider that it is made of a high-quality material that is strong and durable.

Because when there is a low-quality product especially a ladder stand that can cause harm to you and you can fall from that. A high-quality product and built quality are also crucial from the safety perspective and that can also go along with you for many years.

This is the reason before you have a ladder stand, you should consider whether it is made of high-quality material or not. 

Now let’s get started with our list of reviewed Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting.

What are the Best Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting?

  1. BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand
  2. Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand
  3. X-Stand Treestands The Duke 20′ Ladderstand
  4. X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20′ Two Man Ladderstand
  5. Muddy Skybox Deluxe 20 Foot Tree Stand
  6. Ameristep 15-Feet Two Man Ladder Stand
  7. Guide Gear 16′ Swivel Ladder Tree Stand
  8. Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX Tree Stand
  9. OL’MAN TREESTANDS Assassin 18’ Dual Ladder Stand
  10. Millennium Treestands L110 Ladder Stand

BIG GAME Hunter – Best Ladder Tree Stands

Our first reviewed product is from BIG GAME and they are offering a ladder stand for your great hunting experience. You would get an adjustable shooting rail which will help you out to offer you easy and successful shooting. If you are really looking for a ladder tree stand, you may go for this one because it’s comfortable and easy to use. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

If we talk about the size of the seat, there should be enough space because after that you can sit so conveniently and can relax. For this product, the seat size is 23 in width and 18 deep. The weight of this ladder stand is 61 pounds and its weight capacity of it is 350 lbs. 


The height of a ladder stand matters a lot because, at height, you can hide from the animals and easily target your prey. The height of this product is 18.6 and the size of the tree is a minimum of 9 in diameter. You should consider both the height and size of a ladder stand. 

Durability and Material

A high-quality material can make a product durable and increase its lifespan. This ladder stand is made of high-quality material which is steel and products which are made of steel, are durable and rust-free. Additionally, you can use it while you are hunting for amazing exposure. 

Shooting Rail

If you are looking for a ladder stand for bow mounting which also allows you to place your equipment easily and with comfort, you are lucky because this product is offering a shooting rail that is removable as well. The dimension of this shooting rail is 1.5 inches, along with this, get ready for a perfect shot. 

Other Drawbacks

Many customers have complained that the top rung of the ladder came loose. The welder appears to have almost completely missed the step bar and welded it around it. Some say that it is only safe for youngsters weighing less than 150 pounds. While sitting on it during your hunting activities, it can make a noise according to some customers. But overall, it is really the best ladder tree stands with countless reviews.

List of Features 
  1. Offers an adjustable and removable shooting rail.
  2. Shooting rail flips up.
  3. Provides the perfect shot.
  4. It is extra wide.
  5. Extra-wide and deep foot platform.
  6. It is enough tall in height.
  • You can have a stable shooting experience.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • High-quality material.
  • Offers safety harness.
  • An ample standing room.
  • The seat is foldable.
  • You may find difficulty while putting it up.
  • This ladder stand may cause some noise. 

Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand – Best Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting

The next reviewed product is Guide Gear which comes with a jumbo ladder tree stand. It provides enough rail for shooting along with a comfortable seat which allows you to have a stable and comfortable hunting experience. You can get this ladder stand at a reasonable price and you won’t regret having this with the high build quality. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

The size of the ladder stand and its weight matters a lot because they offer a variety of advantages and a lightweight product is easy to assemble. The weight capacity for this item is 300 pounds and the weight is 68.5 lbs. The size of the seat is 19 inches with a backrest and the dimensions are 26.25 inches x 13.25 inches. 


When we talk about the height of this ladder stand from Guide Gear, it is a jumbo stand with a height of 18 and a width is 15. This will provide comfort all day with the flip-up seat. There is also a large foot platform of 24 x 25 and the padding of 13.25 x 26.25 x 19 h.  

Durability and Material

This ladder stand is manufactured with rugged steel which does not allow this tree stand to be rusted and makes it corrosion-free. You don’t need to be worried about its durability because it is built with a high-quality material which makes it able to withstand all weather, especially humidity.  

Shooting Rail

A shooting rail is an essential part of any ladder tree stand because, with the help of it, you can have stable shots ever. There is a shooting rail with this item which can be flipped up for advanced stability. You would also get two stabilizer traps; one is for the ratchet one and the second one is adjustable support here. 

Other Drawbacks

It is complained by the customers that they faced difficulty while assembling because the manual or instructions are not provided to them. According to them, the paint on the ladder peels off after frequent use. If you want to choose this one, go for it wisely because you are going to invest in it But if that’s not an issue for you then I would really recommend you to opt for it.  

List of Features 
  1. It comes at an affordable price.
  2. Rugged reel construction.
  3. Offers an oversized top.
  4. Simple for travel and storage.
  5. Comes with a safety harness.
  6. Shooting rail can be flipped up.
  7. Offers two stabilizer straps.
  • Its for the long-lasting use.
  • Provides extra room and comfort.
  • The footrest can be flipped up.
  • Full body safety harness.
  • Comes with a good height.
  • Advance stability.
  • Offers two seatpad silencers for preventing noise.
  • Instructions for the assembly are not given properly.
  • The paint finish may be shoddy and flaked off frequently. 

X-Stand Treestands – Best Ladder Stand for Big Guys

This is our next product from X-Stand Treestands which comes with enough height plus ensures the safety of its users. For the full utilization of the platform, the Comfort-fleX mesh seat is installed. There are other features as well such as durability and stability. You can have this comfortable ladder stand, you may choose this amazing product for your hunting.  

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

The weight limitation of this ladder stand is 300 lbs and the weight is 79 lbs. The size of the seat is 22 in wide x 16 in deep. The wider the seat will be, the more comfortable it will be because there will be extra space or room for even storage and relaxation without being worried. 


Moreover, the height of this product is 20 and it is a single-man ladder stand. This stand also offers other accessories such as a hook, cup holder, and many other things. It is the purpose of this brand to make lightweight and innovative ladders for its customers. The padded arms and a footrest are also added for further comfort. 

Durability and Material

If a product is not made of high-quality material, it may damage your ladder stand plus it may harm you as well. This is the reason to have a high-quality material and this product is made with steel which is easy to grip and helix oval tubing is there for additional strength and longevity.  

Shooting Rail

When it comes to shooting rail, that should be removable, adjustable, and also be able to be flipped. This product is offering 20 inches height of the stand to shooting rail and the platform is 18 inches wide and 26 inches deeper. With a comfortable shooting rail, you can shoot more stable. 

Other Drawbacks

The brand claims that the seat is adjustable and it’s comfortable; however, according to the customers who received the package and used it, they are not satisfied with the product because the seat is not adjustable plus its far back. The hardware of this ladder stand does not fit the product appropriately. 

List of Features 
  • Revolutionary safety system.
  • It is safe and secure.
  • The Mesh seat allows to flip up.
  • Stealth silencers are installed.
  • It is powder-coated for protection.
  • Comes with a complimentary drink holder.
  • Offers two accessory hooks.
  • Helps in eliminating sounds.
  • It is durable. 
  • It’s powerful and has strengthened structure.
  • The shooting rail is removable. 
  • Comes with adjustable padded shooting rail.
  • The hardware may not fit properly in not correctly installed.

X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk – Best 2 Man Ladder Stand for Bowhunting

This is our next product from X-Stand Treestands which comes with enough height plus ensures the safety of its users. It offers a good weight capacity for the hunters along with the good height of the ladder tree stand. High-quality material is used to make this product and you can purchase this without being worried about its quality.  

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

The weight capacity for its users of this ladder stand is 500 lbs and the weight is 122 lbs. If we talk about the size of the seat that should be wide because that provides more comfort to the hunters.

While keeping in mind this thing, the manufacturer has made it 39 wide and 17 deep. For extra comfort, the cushion of the seat is made with Flex and the backrest is 39 wide and 19 in-depth. 


The height of the stand is 20 and the special feature of this ladder stand is that it is two men’s stand. If you want to hunt with your partner, it is an ideal choice for you because you can sit with your hunting partner on the seats and can enjoy every little activity. For safety purposes, a full-body harness is provided.    

Durability and Material

This product is constructed with steel and it’s a powder-coated ladder that is able to withstand elements and weather. High-quality material is not just only the sign of high quality of a product but there are other many things that do matter such as durability and stability of the product. 

Shooting Rail

Shooting rail is an important part of a ladder stand when especially they are made for hunting. Because without a shooting rail, you can’t have a stable shot for targeting your prey and you can’t just hold your weapon without any support. This brand is offering the shooting rail with the platform’s dimensions of 42 wide and 34 deep. 

Other Drawbacks

When it comes to a drawback, it helps the other users to choose their product at least carefully especially when they are beginners. There are some complaints about this product that without wind, it’s good but in a windy area, it is horrible with noise plus it is heavy in size, if you are alone, you really can’t install it all alone. But because it has two seats, I guess any who would purchase it will be used with a hunting partner so I think it is still a good product.

List of Features 
  1. Lightweight and innovative ladder.
  2. Evolutionary safety system.
  3. It is completely safe.
  4. The mesh seat. 
  5. Silencers with a stealthy appearance. 
  6. For protection, it is powder-coated.
  7. A complimentary drink holder. 
  8. Two accessory hooks.
  9. Able to prevent noise.
  • It is sturdy and well-built.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • Comes with big oversized box.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Doesn’t have any metal-on-metal contact.
  • When there is wind, it makes terrible noise.
  • This tree stand is heavy and you need a few people to install this. 

Muddy Skybox Deluxe – Best Ladder Stand for Deer Hunting

A ladder stand helps you to target your prey from a long distance while sitting on it easily, however, your shooting experience also matters because successful hunting can be through a perfect shoot and other things. Our next product is from Muddy Skybox Deluxe which is durable and convenient to use. It’s a great package that allows you to rest during hunting. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

The weight of the item is 86.4 pounds and the seat is quite comfortable and adjustable as well. This ladder is a tall one that can be hung with the tree and can contribute to your adventurous hunting experience. For your comfort throughout the day, the seat is made of high-quality material. 


This ladder stand from Muddy Skybox Deluxe comes with a height of 20 and this is good enough to provide you with safety and secure hunting. The components of this ladder stand can be adjusted and this can be installed straightforwardly with the help of instructional books. The structure of this product is quite long-lasting. 

Durability and Material

When it comes to the durability of a product, it sounds good because if an item is durable, it will increase the life of your product and you can use it for a long period. This ladder stand offers a  durable structure which is made of steel and other technologies are also used for improving its performance such as silent Flex-Tec sling-style. 

Shooting Rail

Along with the height of a ladder tree stand, the thing which also matters the most is the shooting rail which can be a gem point in your successful hunting. The shooting rail of this item is padded and it can be adjusted to the height and depth according to your requirements. It depends on how you use it and for what purpose. 

Other Drawbacks

With drawbacks, a product can’t be able to give you good performance overall but yeah, there may be some manufacturing defects. One of the customers complains that the bracket that connects a ladder rung to a support bar is improperly welded. Apart from this, the package does not include the nuts or bolts for the fitting and it’s heavy for one person to install it alone.

List of Features 
  1. Long-lasting steel construction. 
  2. Provides no metal-on-metal contact.
  3. It offers a silent hunting experience.
  4. Able to offer you comfort all day.
  5. Comes with a padded shooting rail.
  6. The seat and the rail are adjustable.
  7. Ideal resting area.
  • High-quality manufacturing material.
  • It can withstand harsh weather and humidity. 
  • Ease of assembly. 
  • Comes with a warranty of one year.
  • It has Mesh material. 
  • This product does not come with bolts, fittings or nuts.
  • The seat’s back is straight up and down which is uncomfortable. 

Ameristep 15-Feet Two Man Ladder Stand – Best Ladder Tree Stand for Hunting

This one is from Ameristep and it is a 15 feet ladder stand that can be used by two hunters together. There are a number of people who hunt for their hobby and some are there for professional purposes.

It is essential for beginners to consider each and every aspect or feature because they don’t have any experience in buying and using a ladder stand. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

The weight capacity should be high for a ladder stand because not each hunter weighs the same, some are overweight or bulky and some are less in weight. For such hunters, the weight limit should be increased for their safety as well.

This two-man ladder stand comes with weight support of 500 lb. The seat is large enough for two hunters to be seated on it. 


A ladder stand at a good height is the mandatory thing when you look for a ladder tree stand because it allows you to keep an eye on your target from far. However, it depends on the height of the trees but this product is 15 feet lengthy. When it comes to the safety of the users, it also depends on the factor of whether the item is properly installed or not.   

Durability and Material

It is a ladder stand that is thoroughly powder-coated. Additionally, it is well-made and the steps are tiny but they are solid to be used. Every bolt and nut on the tree stand comes with plastic washers. Once, you have tightened and the treat stand is put on the tree which is entirely silent to climb in and move around. 

Shooting Rail

The padded shooting rail is made of high-quality constructed material. A shooting rail is always a plus point for every ladder stand because it does not allow you to just carry your equipment all the time, you can place your weapon on it for taking some rest or relaxing.  

Other Drawbacks

This ladder stand clearly comes without a back brace which does not seem convenient. Some buyers have complained that sitting without the back brace is so uncomfortable and if you want your back to be relaxed, you can use the tree trunk however just one person can use that. If you are heavily equipped with good hunting suits then this issue won’t be a problem I guess.

List of Features 
  1. Well coated with powder.
  2. The steps are narrow but strong.
  3. Comes with plastic washers on each bolt or nut.
  4. It is silent to climb.
  5. It is for two people.
  6. Constructed well.
  7. Easy to set up against the tree.
  • Easy to install.
  • It’s a stable ladder stand.
  • Camo skirts well around the seat with zipped door.
  • It’s worthy to buy.
  • According to our research it is suitable just for one adult person with the average size and backpack. 

Guide Gear – Best Archery Ladder Stand

Guide Gear is a brand that provides a ladder tree stand for your great hunting experience while keeping in mind all your requirements. This is a solid ladder with a unique twist in comparison to other brands. It allows you to aim or target your prey in any direction. The seat has the capability to rotate and you’ll be able to position yourself for a shot easily. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

The weight limit which is provided by this brand is 300 lbs and the weight of this item is 85 lb. The seat rotates 360 degrees, just like your office chair. The seat comes with Comfort-Tech 22 x 13 with a backrest.

As a result, you may now sit comfortably and safely take aim without becoming twisted. You can point your target from your seated position and it does not matter what angle the buck is approaching from. 


This ladder stand is available with a size or height of 16 feet. The platform is a big 32″ by 32″ to allow you if you want to stand and shoot from a wide stance. The sections of the ladder are pinned with 14.75 between ladder rungs. There’s an adjustable support bar and for the protection, you’ll get a body harness with 2 ratchet straps.

Durability and Material

The steel structure is used for years of dependable service. This ladder stand provides a stable and durable experience while hunting. The high-quality material is one of the most important factors in a product especially in a ladder stand as it is at height, for safety, the high-quality material and durability are crucial. 

Shooting Rail

The shooting rail is padded all the way around to help keep the tremors at bay. While sitting on a rotatable seat, you can keep an eye on your prey from a long distance without being worried that your target will notice you in the trees at height. The shooting rail’s platform is 32 wide and 32 deep. 

Other Drawbacks

A ladder stand should be quiet however after my research I found out that it is complained by some customers that while climbing on the ladder, everything shakes and causes noise.

The weight of the ladder tree stand is heavy and due to heavy weight, you are going to face difficulty while taking it to the required location especially when you are alone to do so.  

List of Features 
  1. It is a solid ladder.
  2. Allows you to aim in any direction.
  3. A padded wrap ground rest.
  4. Offers solid seated posture.
  5. Able to allow you to shoot from a wide stance.
  6. Steel structure for years.
  7. Weight capacity is good.
  • The price is competitive.
  • You get room for moving around.
  • You can customize it as well.
  • It is safe to use and take a nap.
  • It’s a big stand and comfortable.
  • As you mount the ladder, everything may shakes.

Rivers Edge – Heavy duty Ladder Tree Stands

Our next best ladder stand for deer hunting is from Rivers Edge which comes with a friendly-user seat with a back brace. The shooting rail is pretty adjustable and you can use it while hunting with your other partner as well.

If you are looking for a high-quality ladder stand, you need to consider other factors as well such as weight, other dimensions, and material etc. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

The weight of the item is 77 pounds and the weight capacity is quite good as it is able to be used by two hunters easily. If we talk about its seat size, that is enough for the users because they can sit on it easily and comfortably.

An extra room is offered by this brand which allows you to relax after keeping an eye on your target and have some drinks or food.  


This rugged and stable ladder stand comes with a height of 16.1 feet which is good enough for hiding yourself and targeting from distance. For standing photos, if this is your first experience, there is a wide platform of 40 which provides plenty of room. Besides the height, there is a wide range of other aspects which should also be considered. 

Durability and Material

If a product is not well-built, it is going to be damaged after frequent use. That’s why it is important to consider first the material and durability of the ladder stand after all you are going to invest your money. For manufacturing this product, steel is used which makes sure the quality of the item.  

Shooting Rail

This Twoplex is a 2-way adjustable shooting rail that allows you to choose the right height and depth for you.  The height from the shooting rail is 17’1 and from the seat, it is 16’1. With this shooting rail, you are going to have a stable shooting experience plus you can keep an eye on your target with the help of it. 

Other Drawbacks

For an amazing performance and outcome, it is important to have all the products and features which are required. The silence of the ladder stand matters a lot however, there are no nylon washers for the nuts, which can contribute to reducing the noise.

Additionally, the powder which is coated on the ladder stand is quite thin to peel off easily, so I better recommend you to take notice of all of these things too.

List of Features 
  1. It comes with a flip-up seat.
  2. Also offers a TearTuff mesh bench.
  3. It can accommodate two hunters.
  4. It’s good for people who are photography enthusiasts.
  5. Offers plenty of room.
  6. It has a wide platform.
  7. Adjustable shooting rail. 
  • Comes with stability. 
  • It is rugged and durable.
  • Good weight capacity.
  • Adjustable for two people.
  • An amazing design.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • This is easy to put up together.
  • The powder coat finish may be poor and flaking in a few places.
  • They don’t include nylon washers for all bolted-together joints, which helps reduce noise.

OL’MAN TREESTANDS – Best Ladder Stand for Crossbow Hunting

This is our second last product from OL MAN TREESTANDS and you are going to be excited after knowing all its features. This is one of the unique features in comparison to others that the seat which comes with this ladder tree stand is able to be folded in both directions. Further, it is made of high quality material which offers the stability and durability to this ladder stand. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

This ladder tree stand has a good weight capacity and the seat size is good enough for you and you can also place your equipment easily. The comfortmax seat comes in Millennium style with lumbar support that folds in both directions. Anti-flex bridge support system provides rock-solid stability without the use of a tree brace.


This ladder stand is available in the height of 18 feet and it allows you to inspect your target or prey or other so many things if you are not especially using it for hunting. It can make your day by sitting side by side with your hunting partner or buddy. The Ol’Man Assassin Dual Ladder Stand is designed to provide you the most comfortable hunting experience possible.

Durability and Material

Steel construction with a powder coat finish and bolted-together ladder parts increase strength and reduce noise. Footrest and full platform Millennium Outdoors created and manufactured this product. This stand is as sturdy as it is comfortable, thanks to tough 2 mm thick tubing and a hard powder coat finish.

Shooting Rail

A full platform and footrest, as well as an adjustable padded shooting rail and arm rest, keep you safe and comfortable. The ladder bolt construction provides strength and silence, while the Bridge Support provides rigidity and avoids the need for a tree brace. Along with this amazing rail, you are ready for a successful hunt.

Other Drawbacks

When we talk about the drawbacks, the customers have complained that the seat while putting it together does not fit properly and for its proper fitting, they have bought brackets themselves at their own cost. Further, the ladder does not support stability because it is used to bend. 

List of Features 
  1. It allows you to enjoy yourself with your buddy.
  2. Offers a possible comfortable hunting experience.
  3. The seat can be folded in two directions.
  4. 2 mm thick tubing is used.
  5. A hard powder coat finish.
  6. Anti Flex Bridge is used.
  7. Comes with a full platform with a footrest.
  • It is sturdy to use.
  • The seats are comfortable.
  • It is a great product to be used for hunting.
  • It supports foldability in both directions.
  • It eliminates noise.
  • Well made and secure.
  • It is rock-solid.
  • The seat of this ladder does not fit properly.
  • You may face a lil bit of difficulty while putting it together. 

Millennium Treestands – Tree Stands for Bow Hunting

Our last but not the least product is from Millennium Treestands and it comes with a height of 11 feet. This is a durable ladder tree stand that is well-constructed. It is able to provide you with easy and safe descending or ascending. You can easily use it without being worried or confused regarding its assembly because that’s quite straightforward. 

Weight Capacity and Seat Size

If we talk about the other measurements of this ladder stand such as weight capacity and the weight of the item itself plus the size of the seat, it is important to consider both of them. It is designed to support up to 300 pounds and it has a weight of 92 pounds. The seat measurements are 20 inches broad by 17 inches deep and 17 inches higher from the platform.


You can get this ladder tree stand with a height of 21 feet. From dawn to night, you’ll be comfy thanks to the padded shooting rail, folding footrest, and ComfortMax seat. When you look for a product, especially for hunting, it’s your foremost responsibility to make sure and consider all the things. 

Durability and Material

The steel construction has a long-lasting powder coat finish that will provide years of dependable use. Bowhunters and rifle hunters alike will appreciate the adjustable padded shooting rail and armrests. The Millennium L110 Ladder Stand is designed to be tough and durable while also being comfortable for hunters.

Shooting Rail

You should consider the shooting rail because that is going to be an additional and beneficial feature. The platform is 20 inches in width and 32 inches in depth. The L110 double-rigged Ladder Stand adjusts in height from 8 to 21 feet, giving you the perfect view. The setup is simple, comfy, and silent. 

Other Drawbacks

There is no drawback as such complained by the customers. Besides that the weight of the product is heavy and for that reason, it is not easy for a single person to put it together. For that, if you are a beginner or only a hunter, you need to ask two or three people who can help you out in assembling.  

List of Features 
  1. It is built with rugged durability.
  2. The comfort of the hunters is kept in mind.
  3. The padded shooting rail is equipped.
  4. Foldable footrest. 
  5. ComfortMax seat is installed.
  6. The setup is comfortable.
  7. It’s silent and easy.
  • It supports good weight capacity. 
  • Components for providing stability & comfort. 
  • Ladder’s height is adjustable.
  • It offers protection to users.
  • Has the ability to target from stance.
  • Durable coat powder finish.
  • Comes with full-body harness. 
  • For installing this ladder stand, you require at least 2 people.
  • You may not find it as comfortable as it is claimed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ladder tree stands safe?

Yes, of course, they are completely safe when they are put up properly and correctly. However, 20 feet in the air in a tree comes with its own set of dangers.

You should take your time while assembling your ladder stand and you should ensure to follow all the safety steps and regulations properly. When you want to hunt safely, you should always keep your safety a priority and understand all the features.

Will a ladder stand spooky deer?

If a ladder stand is properly and completely set up, that will not spook deer. Hunters who are using these stands for decades have found that getting the ladder stand in a tree at least 4 to 6 weeks before the season starts is important.

This will allow the deer to acclimate to something new in their environment, and by the time you’ll be ready to get in the stand and the deer will have adjusted to it as well.

What is the best way to camouflage a ladder stand?

It is essential to camouflage a ladder stand especially when it comes to hunting. There is a technique that you should use zip ties to secure evergreen boughs to the ladder and platform.

Further, it will last throughout the season and will provide excellent camouflage. It will also allow enough space in your ladder stand for you to draw a bow without being blocked. There are other useful techniques as well

Are ladder tree stands comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable and provide you relaxation because while they’re manufacturing, the manufacturers keep in mind your convenience and comfort, so that you won’t feel any feeling of discomfort.

There are cushioned chairs, padded armrests and footrests included for comfort. Moreover, more space is provided by a large platform which is also a quality that makes the best ladder stands more comfortable..

What is the most comfortable ladder stand?

When it comes to the ladder stand for bow hunting, it is recommended to have an X-Stand Treestands The Duke because it is one of the most comfortable ladder stands. Then there is the Jayhawk 20’ Ladder tree stand which is great for two hunters.

When both are compared, it is suggested to have a ladder tree stand from The Duke because it is far the most comfortable one. A comfortable product makes everything easy and allows you to have an amazing experience. 

How to camouflage a ladder stand?

There are lots of ways to camouflage your ladder stand which does not allow the animals to find or trace your presence. When you go bow hunting, it is mandatory for you to use camouflage to protect yourself.

You can do this by using a camouflage blind which matches the leaves of the tree where your ladder is located. This will quickly help you out in concealing you and will ensure that your presence is not discovered. 

Can You prevent rust For a ladder stand?

Due to rain or dew drops on the ladder stand, it can be rusted which may damage your ladder stand. For preventing it from rusting, you can apply one technique or method.

What you have to do is to spray the truck bed liner on your ladder stand to prevent corrosion and make it seem muddy because it is one of the most efficient ways to avoid rust. This will also increase the lifespan of your ladder stand. 

Conclusion on Best Ladder Stand For Bow Hunting:

When it comes to hunting, enjoyment, and safety itself are the biggest factors. A perfect shot for hunting or targeting prey is not just important, there are other aspects as well that you should look at and consider if you really want to have a high-quality product.

A ladder stand allows you to perform many activities such as you can keep an eye on your target from a long distance, you can target that, can rest while sitting on a comfortable seat, and can place your equipment on the shooting rail for the stable shooting as well.

There is a wide range of brands that are offering these ladder stands for bow hunting and that is why my team just created this reviewed article for you to choose from without any brainstorming. Obviously, a high-quality product costs a little more but you can also go for ladders with an affordable budget.

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