Best Left Handed Compound Bow

Top 10 Best Left Handed Compound Bow in 2023

Are you looking for the best left handed compound bow? If you are a professional or just an archery enthusiast but left handed one then finding the best left handed compound bow is but hard, because of most compound bows are right handed.

And that’s why our team decided to review some of the best left handed compound bows in the market designed for the sake of the dominant eye rather than the dominant hand. Such kinds of bows are not just used by hunters, they are also used by the athletes as well. 

It is important to consider several things before you have your best left handed compound bow. If you are one of the ten persons who are left handed then consider all the essential factors and features. There are a variety of brands out there in the market that offer different kinds of left handed compound bows along with their varied characteristics and features. 

In this article, you are going to know regarding a wide range of brands which are offering the best left handed compound bows with their features and advantages/disadvantages. You just need to stick this article till the end!

What is a Left-Handed Compound Bow? 

A left handed compound bow is designed for the one who relies on the dominant eye. There are a few visual signals on left-handed bows that can alert you to the fact that they are designed for left-handed shooters.

The specific form of these cues varies depending on whether you’re looking at a compound or recurve bow, but you can typically tell if it’s a left-handed bow by the location of the arrow rest or the targeting sights.

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How Does a Left Handed Compound Bow Work?

On these bows, the sights must be on the opposite side as the bow’s handedness. As a result, the targeting sight on a left-handed compound bow is situated on the right-hand side of the bow’s frame.

The sight is located on the left side of the frame in right-handed compound bows. The arrow must be on the opposite side of the bow as your drawing hand, the arrow rest is located on the right-hand side of the riser on left-handed bows. A left-handed bow can be identified by closely analyzing the design of a compound or recurve bow.

The arrow rest on a left-handed bow will be on the right-hand side of the riser. A left-handed archer can now draw the bowstring back using their left hand while holding the bow’s riser in their right.

When looking for a left-handed compound bow, the position of the targeting sight glass can also be used to determine if the bow is left-handed.

The sights on a composite bow are normally on the opposite side of the archer’s dominant hand. This means that the targeting sight on a left-handed compound bow will be on the right-hand side of the compound bow’s frame. 

Why Should You Get a Left Handed Compound Bow?

There are many people who are archery or hunting lovers and they want to experience a successful shooting but before that, they need to consider whether you are looking for a hunting compound bow or for athletes or you are a beginner.

It is essential to determine the purpose of buying a compound bow because there are different brands with a variety of compound bows and each bow has different features and functions according to its purpose of use.

After considering the purpose, you should figure out whether you are a left-handed shooter or right hand and choose accordingly. For an accurate bow target, it is important for you to have a left-handed compound bow if you are a left handed archer. 

Major Differences Between Left and Right hand Compound Bows 

When it comes to the differences between left and right hand compound bows, then you should be aware of that. You may find it to distinguish between these two types of bows based just on looks.

When you are in doubt then check the arrow rest’s location. This will be on one side of the riser of the bow. You are holding a right handed bow if the arrow rest is on the left side of the riser. 

The arrow rest will be on the right-hand side of the riser on a left handed bow. While the compound bows are built differently for right-handed and left-handed users, the majority of archery equipment such as sights, stabilizers, releases, and quivers, may be altered to shoot with either hand. 

Things To Consider While Looking For Left Handed Compound Bow

A high-quality left-handed compound bow can provide you with a successful archery or hunting experience. Shooting enthusiasts who are left-handed, these kinds of compound bows are for them because there are fewer possibilities for them as well. 

When it comes to a high-quality product, you need to look at each and every factor or feature even though you should because you are going to invest a handsome amount in purchasing that. Before having a left-handed compound bow, you should consider its draw weight, draw length range, speed, versatility, and other things as well. 

Draw Weight

When you choose a bow, draw weight is one of the more subjective measurements to consider. The draw weight is the amount of weight you can pull back when drawing the bow. This differs a lot between archers and as you gain expertise, the muscles used to draw a bow, your drawn weight will be increased.

There are some modern bows that have adjustable draw weights and make it easier for the left handed beginners to choose a bow. Starting with high draw weight and shooting far is superior to starting with accuracy and distance.

Axle-to-Axle Bow Length

The axle-to-axle bow length is the distance that lies between a compound bow’s cams. Along with all other factors or features, you should also not neglect this one. This length matters a lot and it can support a good archery exposure.

If you are looking for a left handed compound bow, then it is your responsibility to choose it carefully while keeping in mind all the factors and measurements in mind. Do not miss anything otherwise, you won’t get a high-quality product. 

Draw Length Range

Mostly, the compound bows have adjustable draw lengths and you should measure this length before you get a left-handed compound bow. You can calculate or measure your draw length by multiplying your wingspan by 2.5. This is a nice approach to figuring out the draw length.

You should consider the measurement of draw length by an expert because your estimates might not be precise enough to meet the requirements of some bows. It is one of the essential factors to consider before making any purchase, if you’re reading this article then I hope you already know your draw length range! 

IBO or ATA Speed 

Where other things matter while purchasing a left-handed compound bow, the IBO or ATA speed also should be up to mark. The International Bowhunters Organisation (IBO) uses the IBO measures, which are based on the shots fired with 80-pound draw weight and a 400-grain arrow at maximum draw length.

The Archery Trade Association uses the ATA speed meter, which depends on a 70-pound draw weight and a 350 grain arrow at a draw length of 30 inches. If you want to have a high-quality left-handed compound bow then consider these speeds. 

Brace Height

Brace height is when the bow is at rest and it is the distance between the string and throat means the deepest area of the grip. It is said by archery experts that the accuracy of a bow is determined by the brace height and this is the reason that the brace height of a compound bow matters a lot.

Bows with shorter brace heights have a reputation for being difficult to control. There are many shooters who prefer a bow with a great brace height for a great adventurous and successful archery experience.

Cross Eye Dominance 

In cross-eye dominance, your dominant eye and hand are not the same. It is critical for you to make sure of the cross-eye dominance before you go for a left-handed compound bow. You can figure out which eye is your dominant eye by following a simple procedure.

Your dominant eye is one that maintains the focus through the opening in your hands. When it comes to nailing your target, many archery professionals believe that your dominant eye is more important than your dominant hand. That’s why to consider this factor carefully.


When you buy a compound bow online or offline, you must consider its ease of control. Because there is a wide range of the products which have different characteristics and different control levels. Some of them are easy to control and some are difficult to handle.

That’s why it is important to determine all the controls, especially when you are a beginner. So that you won’t face any kind of difficulty while using your compound bow. Sometimes, it happens that you buy a product and after having that you come to know how difficult it is to control. This is the reason you should consider this first before you have it. 


It is important to consider the versatility of a left-handed compound bow if you are looking for an appropriate match. Look for its adaptability because bows are made to specialize in different types of archeries and they also come in different styles.

It is essential for you to have the right one for the type of archery, you are intended to engage in. you should first decide whether you are a hunter, professional archer or others then decide its type and consider the versatility accordingly. 

Should Be Well Reviewed 

After considering all of the important elements and characteristics before purchasing a left-handed compound bow, review them. It is your responsibility to keep reviewing the product because there is no way to avoid buying a useless product that is not worth it.

Sometimes you may just look for something for a short period of time, only to discover later that something is missing or damaged. It is critical to review a product before purchasing it in order to avoid such errors, but I’m sure after reading this article you will not have to review more because of this detailed reviewed article.

left handed compound bow for beginners

Now let’s started with the left handed compound bows!

What are the Best left handed Compound Bows?

  1. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow
  2. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow
  3. Diamond Archery Edge 320 Bow Compound Bow
  4. Raptor Compound Hunting Bow
  5. Bear Archery Rant Compound Bow
  6. PSE ARCHERY Mini Burner Compound Bow
  7. DIAMOND ARCHERY Prism 5-55lb Compound Bow
  8. Gen-X Compound Bow
  9. PSE Bow Stinger MAX
  10. Genesis Pink Camo Compound Bow
Left Hand Compound BowsBrace HeightDraw LengthDraw WeightAxle to Axle LengthIBO SpeedWeight
Cruzer G26.5″12″–30″5–70 lbs30″315 fps3.1 lbs
Infinite Edge Pro7″13″–31″5–70 lbs31″310 fps3.1 lbs
Edge 320 Bow7.25″15″–31″7l–70 lbs32″320 fps3.6 lbs
Raptor Hunting 7″24.5″–31″30-70 lbs30″320 fps3.6 lbs
Rant Bow7.5/8″25″–32″50–70 lbs31.25″310 fps4.5 lbs
Mini Burner6.5/8″16″–26.5″29–40 lbs26″310 fps2.7 lbs
Prism 5-55lb7″18″–30″5–55 lbs31″295 fps3.2 lbs
Gen-X7.5/8″21″–30″25–40 lbs35.5″N/A3.4 lbs
Stinger MAX7″25.5″-30.5″55–70 lbs30″312 fps3.8 lbs
Genesis Pink Camo7.5/8″15″–30″10–20 lbs35.5″N/A3.5 lbs

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

If you are looking for a left-handed compound bow then choose it carefully according to your requirements. Our first left-handed compound bow is by Bear Archery Cruzer and it is a perfect bow to deal with your adventures.

This compound bow is especially recommended for adults and it is made of high-quality material which makes it worthy to buy. It is extremely versatile and good for starters. 

This design of Bear Archery is lightweight to hold. The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 offers a draw weight range of 5 to 70 pounds, making it ideal for novice archers. The length of the draw varies from 12 to 30 inches.

Because of its extensive adjustability, this is a bow that may be used from childhood through adulthood. It is a high-quality bow at an affordable price. It is available in so many natural colors. 

The innovative grip design eliminates hand torque. The RockStops offset string suppressor eliminates noise and vibration, while the EnduraFiber Limbs provide devastating controlled power. The Cruzer G2 offers the whole solution for the entire family, with remarkable adaptability.

This compound bow comes with six trophy ridge accessories plus a four-pin sight and a whisker biscuit. Additionally, there is a 5 arrow quiver, a stabilizer, and a sling plus it possesses a peep sight and a nock loop.

The left handed compound bow of Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is made of Aluminum which makes it more stable and strong for an amazing outcome. This product is light in weight and it weighs 3 pounds which is less in comparison to others. For me, I guess it is one of the best Left Handed Compound Bow.

List of Features:
  1. It is best for beginners.
  2. It is a high-quality product.
  3. Gives a natural feel.
  4. It’s perfect for hunting.
  5. It’s worth buying.
  6. The accuracy rate is good.
  7. It’s comfortable to use.
Brace Height6.5″
Draw Length12″ – 30″
Draw Weight5 lbs – 70 lbs
Axle to Axle Length30″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)315 fps
Let Off70%
Weight3.1 lbs
  • An amazing design.
  • Comes with high-quality material.
  • It has a fast releasing speed.
  • Offers warranty.
  • You can have it in a reasonable price.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • An ideal choice for beginners.
  • Excessive lightness might destabilize the stability.
  • You’ll have to buy arrows separately.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow

When buying a left handed compound bow, one should focus on the weight, precision, and handling of the bow. The product we’re discussing here is the Infinite Edge Pro Bow package from Diamond Archery. It comes with various features including its lightweight design, it is the best selling bow from Diamond Archery with a draw length of 13 to 31 inches.

This is a good left-handed compound bow for hunting in general. It comes fully assembled and equipped with all of the necessary attachments. 

This bow here from Diamond Archery has a sturdy build quality with a lightweight design and is loaded with features. It offers a draw length of 13 to 31 inches with a powerful arrow velocity of 310ft/sec.

It has an adjustable draw weight of about 5lbs to 70lbs. The Infinite Edge Pro is infamous for loosening out of tune over time, however, this is a common occurrence with many bows.

It comes equipped with the most accurate binary can system for a perfect draw, maximizing accuracy and efficiency. The integral stability system provides a steady balanced shot.

It is a left hand oriented compound bow and it comes with a highly effective draw range of maximum of 31 inches with a flawless 310ft/s. It is integrated with a high-quality and effective stabilizer for perfect and comfortable handling of the bow.

The material of this item is not clearly mentioned however it is made of a high-quality material and this is the advanced build archery product known among the hunters. This compound bow is also good for beginners as because it comes with a weight of 3.1 pounds which is considered lightweight. 

List of Features:
  1. It comes with enough accuracy.
  2. It is the perfect fit.
  3. Offers the longer draws.
  4. It creates a flawlessly smooth draw cycle.
  5. High-quality finish process.
  6. Its stability factor.
Brace Height7″
Draw Length13″ – 31″
Draw Weight5 lbs – 70 lbs
Axle to Axle Length31″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)310 fps
Let Off80%
Weight3.1 lbs
  • Durable and forgiving design.
  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • Offers all essential bow parts.
  • Long-term use.
  • Lightweight to carry.
  • For recreational and competition purposes as well.
  • You may face difficulty while installing it.
  • Sometimes, the tune may loosen out

Diamond Archery Edge 320 Bow Compound Bow

The product we’re looking at is the Diamond Archery Edge 320 Compound Bow which is ideal for versatile hunting, shooting practice, and Archery target practice. It is a powerful left handed compound bow loaded with several features like a good draw length and a very high arrow velocity. This is yet another incredibly flexible hunting bow that is reasonably priced and simple to maintain and tune. 

It has a lightweight body of just 3.6 lbs and it comes with a 7-70 lbs draw weight for beginners. It gives the arrow a top speed of 320f/s and a draw length of 15′ to 31′ inches and a brace height of 7¼ inches.

It’s a must-buy hunting bow with a lot of accessories and features. Because of the draw length and weight ranges, this bow can be used for a long time. Overall, this is a decent, easy-to-use left-handed compound bow.

It comes loaded with an easy EZ Adjust Pocket system to adjust your draw weight easily without any hassle. It also provides us with the same binary cam synchronized system for all Diamond Archery products. It has an axle-to-axle length of around 31.5 inches.

For a left handed compound bow, it is as flawless as it appears with R.A.K equipped accessories and adjustable components for new users of the bow. With just 3.6 lbs of weight, it gives you a good hunting experience.

When an item is manufactured with a high-quality material, then it enhances its performance. This left-handed compound bow is a game changer because it offers an amazing output plus durable material is used in making this.

In comparison to others, this compound bow weighs around 3.6 pounds which is less heavy compared to the above one but not a feasible difference, and that’s why it is holding its 3rd position!  

List of Features:
  1. It is perfect for hunting.
  2. Versatile and adjustable parts.
  3. It offers fast and sharp power.
  4. It features premium performance.
  5. It has a simple turn of the limb bolt.
Brace Height7.25″
Draw Length15″ – 31″
Draw Weight7 lbs – 70 lbs
Axle to Axle Length32″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)320 fps
Let Off85%
Weight3.6 lbs
  • Provides maximum accuracy and consistency.
  • Durable material.
  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable amount.
  • user-friendly.
  • It can also be adjusted for kids.
  • It comes ready to shoot out of the package.
  • It can be used mostly for hunting activities.
  • The release of the bow may be loud

Raptor Compound Hunting Bow

Our next left-handed compound bow is the Raptor Compound hunting bow kit. If you are new to archery as a sport, this is a wonderful bow with which to begin your trip. Whether you’re a hunter, a bow fisherman, or a target shooter, this one-of-a-kind bow caters to a wide range of archers, including adults, children, and even novices.

The only thing lacking is a quiver with arrows, which will have to be acquired individually, but given the price, it should not be neglected.

When it comes to modifying the draw lengths, users adore this bow’s adaptability. It can be adjusted from 12 to 30 inches in length. Weights can be increased from 30 to 70 pounds in the same way.

Not only is this a wonderful choice for beginners, but it is also popular among experienced archers due to its classic appearance and reasonable price. Its design, with its 75% let-off rate and tuning system, allows for precise changes and an appropriate arrow field. 

It also features a draw length and weight that can be adjusted. It has an axle-to-axle length of 30 inches. 

It contains all of the features that a good hunting compound bow should have. These include a strong stabilizer, an arrow rest, and an easily adjustable pin sight. All of the hunting necessities are included, including arrow rest, adjustable pin sight, and stabilizer.

If a product is made of plastic that can break after a few usages. Both cams and the modules are manufactured entirely of aluminum and include no plastic. 

This left-handed compound bow weighs 3.6 pounds which is going to be exactly the same as Diamond Archery Edge 320 Bow Compound Bow.

List of Features:
  1. It’s an incredible and unique bow.
  2. Offers versatility for adult users.
  3. Comes with adjustable draw length and weight.
  4. Outstanding quality.
  5. It has Sturdy cables. 
Brace Height7″
Draw Length24.5″ – 31″
Draw Weight30 lbs – 70 lbs
Axle to Axle Length30″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)320 fps
Let Off75%
Weight3.6 lbs
  • It works excellently.
  • Weight is not much.
  • Provides a straightforward shooting.
  • Offers a complete bow package.
  • High-quality machine.
  • Claims lifetime warranty.
  • You won’t get arrows along with this product.

Bear Archery Rant Compound Bow

An easy to set up, a highly accurate compound bow that beginners need in their arsenal of bows. The product here is Rant Compound Bow from Bear Archery. It is a versatile ambidextrous for equally balanced handling for both left and right handed shooters. It can be used for bow fishing and target practice shooting, it gives an amazing experience with an arrow speed of 310 fps.

This compound bow has a lightweight design with perfect handling and fast and powerful arrow shots of about 310 FPS. It has an adjustable solo cam design with a draw weight up to 70 lbs and comes with a draw length of about 25 inch to 32 inch.

It has an outstanding axle-to-axle length of around 31.25 inches with a weight of 4.5lbs. It provides multiple accessories with it to give you an immersive experience of a left handed hunting compound bow.

This compound bow comes with add-on accessories like Trophy Ridge 3 pin Sight for precision shooting, Whisker Biscuit Rest for perfect handling, Stabilizer for a smooth draw, a 5 Arrow Quiver, Peep Sight and Tube, and a D-Loop. With all these accessories this Compound Bow is a fantastic beginner bow at a budget bow price.

There is no clearly given clue regarding the material but this bow is made great for the new archers and bowhunters. You can easily make adjustments and shoot through this left-handed compound bow.

When it comes to the weight then a bow should be lightweight because it makes it easy to hold a bow. However, this bow is heavier than others because it has a weight of 4.5 pounds.    

List of Features:
  1. It offers a smooth draw.
  2. Accurately fires the arrow.
  3. Provides a highly adjustable system.
  4. It’s a great choice for both archers and initiators.
  5. Offers good draw length and weight.
Brace Height7.5/8″
Draw Length25″ – 32″
Draw Weight50 lbs – 70 lbs
Axle to Axle Length31.25″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)310 fps
Let Off80%
Weight4.5 lbs
  • An amazing performance.
  • It can be used easily.
  • Provides easy shoot.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Single cam system.
  • Comes with a warranty of thirty days.
  • The string of the bow tends to fall apart after some time.
  • This bow is a little heavy to hold.

PSE ARCHERY Mini Burner Compound Bow

While buying a kids utility compound bow one should pay attention to the bow weight for perfect handling for kids. The product we’re discussing here is Mini Burner Compound Bow manufactured by PSE ARCHERY is a youth bow with an adjustable draw length 16 to 26½ inch and an adjustable draw weight of around 14lbs to 40lbs.

It also has a lightweight body of around 2.7 pounds with a lot of other features to come in handy.

It is a lightweight design youth compound bow with an adjustable draw weight of around 14 to 40 pounds and it also has an adjustable draw length of 16 to 26½ inches of adjustable draw length for kids handling and a brace height of around 6⅝ inches.

It comes with a comfortable rubber panel grip provided with a cable guard for perfect handling and durability.

This product comes with an axle-to-axle length of 35.75 inches is a great compound hunting bow to be used for several years from childhood honing your archery skills. The highly adjustable draw length gives easy handling to any young archer.

This bow comes with ready to shoot package with multiple accessories like A 3 pin sight, arrow quiver, stabilizer, arrow rest, and three lightweight carbon arrows.  It can be a very affordable and good hunting compound bow for left handed young archers without any major issues.

This compound bow from PSE ARCHERY is made with a combination of the materials. You would get all the components that you require and it is a perfect bow for the youth and new archers. 

A heavy bow can become a hurdle in your great shooting experience. This lightweight left handed compound bow contains the weight of 2.7 pounds which is the lightest in this list of a best left handed hunting bows.    

List of Features:
  1. It is available both in right and left hand.
  2. A comfortable rubber panel grip with a cable guard.
  3. Offers maximum limb bolt turn.
  4. Comes with an adjustable draw measurement.
  5. Ready to shoot package.
Brace Height6.5/8″
Draw Length16″ – 26.5″
Draw Weight29 lbs – 40 lbs
Axle to Axle Length26″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)310 fps
Let Off65%
Weight2.7 lbs
  • It goes a long way.
  • Provides ultra adjustable settings.
  • Comes with a set of arrows.
  • For both youth and kids.
  • Provides manufacturer warranty.
  • Light enough to carry.
  • The arrows that come with it may break while delivery.
  • It is only recommended to use it for hunting mostly.

DIAMOND ARCHERY Prism 5-55lb Compound Bow

People prefer extremely lightweight, extreme adjustability, pinpoint precision, and easy to mount compound bows for their hunting gear or Target practice or shooting practice.

The bow here is a Prism 5-55lb compound bow from Diamond Archery is an extremely lightweight bow of around 3.2 lbs and with a left hand orientation. It’s a must buy product for those who seek a versatile compound bow for multiple uses.

It is an extremely lightweight easy to use compound bow of 3.2 pounds with an adjustable draw length up to 30 inches. It comes with beautiful attention grabbing design.

It is supposed to be a beginner bow but in reality, it is a full performance bow. It comes with a max draw weight of 55 lbs starting from 5 lbs at least. It is a highly adjustable high performance compound bow.

It has an axle-to-axle length of around 31 inches and a good grip with a lightweight design and is very easy to control and use even for kids and young archers. It is an easy to use point and shoot a compound bow for all age users.

This is an extremely versatile compound bow for hunting, target practice, shooting practice, bow fishing and many more. It provides a lightweight compound bow with a highly adjustable draw length and draws weight from 5-55lbs.

These bows are manufactured in America by many passionate employers. There’s no clear clue for which material is used in making it.  You would get the quality that you expect from this brand and it is a world class design. 

You should be worried about the ease of holding it because it is available at a fine weight of 3.2 pounds which makes it an ideal left handed compound bow for beginners.

List of Features:
  1. It offers points and shoots ready.
  2. It has extreme adjustability and versatility.
  3. It possesses attention grabbing design.
  4. Good draw weight.
  5. Easily adjust from maximum to minimum poundage.
Brace Height7″
Draw Length18″ – 30″
Draw Weight5 lbs – 55 lbs
Axle to Axle Length31″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)295 fps
Let Off80%
Weight3.2 lbs
  • Its durability.
  • Offers the binary cam system.
  • It’s accuracy and consistency factor.
  • An innovative design.
  • High-quality finishing.
  • Provides flawless nock travel.
  • It is not for intense hunting.
  • You won’t get any kind of quiver along with the bow.

Gen-X Compound Bow

Our next bow is a Gen-X-Bow which is well-liked for its small size and lightweight. The best part is that neither of these attributes detracts from its superb shooting abilities.

It has one of the smoother draw cycles, which means you receive unrestricted action at a high rate. This bow offers exceptional shooting accuracy and it has a combination of innovative design and superior construction quality.

It has a Design for progressive let-off and the draw weight is set at 40 pounds by default, however, it may be safely reduced to 25 pounds with the use of a 3/16 hex wrench.

All typical draw lengths between 21 and 30 are covered. It has cable guard accessories that can be drilled and tapped into the riser. This left-handed bow is available in black aesthetic color. 

The 35 1/2″ axle-to-axle ratio improves stability and precision for long-range shooting and is permitted in most jurisdictions for whitetail deer hunting.

It’s time to hit the field and the range. Allows shooters to experience a faster, smoother draw cycle without sacrificing forgiveness or comfort. This bow is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for a trip to the tree stand, a day in the field, or a day on the range.

A high quality bow along with a high quality material can provide you a quality shooting or hunting exposure. This left-handed compound bow is prepared with aluminum. It does not offer arrow rest and arrow nock but it is quite easy to use for the users. 

The weight of this left-handed compound bow is 3.4 pounds and it is normal among other compound bow left handed in this list.

List of Features:
  1. You can use it comfortably.
  2. Simple enough operation.
  3. It is both left handed and right handed bow.
  4. Smoother draw cycle.
  5. Sturdy components.
Brace Height7.5/8″
Draw Length21″ – 30″
Draw Weight25 lbs – 40 lbs
Axle to Axle Length35.5″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)N/A
Let Off65%
Weight3.4 lbs
  • It offers shooters an easier draw cycle.
  • It is compact.
  • Enhances long distance shooting.
  • All rust-free parts of USA.
  • High strength bowstrings are there.
  • It is ready for range and field.
  • This brand does not claim any warranty.
  • You won’t have arrow rest and arrow nock in the package.

PSE Bow Stinger MAX

To buy a lightweight bow and easy to adjust one is essential because after having that you can give an amazing performance. When buying a compound bow for beginners, people prefer a lightweight yet effective bow at an affordable price. The product mentioned here is an extremely lightweight aluminum compound bow for multiple use and for beginners.

It is one of the great starter bows for a beginner. This bow is extremely lightweight with 3.8 lbs and comes with a draw weight of 55 lbs for beginners. It has a 25.5 to 30 inch draw length. It has a brace height of 7¼ inches. 

It has an axle-to-axle length of around 30 inches, it is a very good beginner bow because of its affordable price, easy adjustments, It has a strong and sturdy build quality with a firm and comfortable grip for easy and accurate draw. 

It is a barebow without any attachments but you can easily install any attachments as desired. You can attach a peep sight, D – loop, and a stabilizer too. It’s a beginner bow but it can also give a good hunting experience for a seasoned shooter or hunter with its performance adjustability.

Along with quite adjustable draw length, it is made of aluminum which indicates its strength and stability.  There’s no need for a stabilizer because it can work without that so well. 

This is a left-handed compound bow with a weight of 3.8 pounds. Further, it is important to have a lightweight bow because that contributes to a successful shoot and is pretty easy to carry. 

List of Features:
  1. There’s no stabilizer required.
  2. It has an easy to adjust poundage.
  3. It sets the proper draw length.
  4. Its stability factor.
  5. This little bow is super smooth.
Brace Height7″
Draw Length25.5″ – 30.5″
Draw Weight55 lbs – 70 lbs
Axle to Axle Length30″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)312 fps
Let Off80%
Weight3.8 lbs
  • Great and capable bow.
  • Warranty is offered by the brand.
  • Build up quality is high.
  • Ideal choice for starters.
  • It is capable to face challenges.
  • It is not ready to hunt bow.
  • You wont get all the accessories along with the product.

Genesis Pink Camo Compound Bow

There are a few compound bows that are made for the kids. GENESIS Kit is one of the brands and this is typically used to teach children the skill of archery, it has recently become a personal favorite among beginners who want to get the most bang for their buck.

It is said to be quite handy for learning how to shoot without having to deal with a larger bow. Genesis bows are the first compound bows to be developed without a let-off or draw length requirement.

As the archer learns their skills, the Original bow can be adjusted. It comes with the design of no let-offs and the light draw weight comes standard at 20 lbs and maybe safely reduced to 10 lbs with the use of a 3/16″ hex wrench.

All typical draw lengths from 15″ to 30″ are covered. If you are interested in buying this amazing design, you can get this in pink camo color.

When we talk about it’s axle-to-axle distance that is 35 ½ inches and the brace height is 7 ⅝ inches. 

The draw length flexibility of this bow is one of its best features, so if you obtain it as a kid, you’ll probably use it as an adult as well. It’s pretty strong and doesn’t have any tuning troubles because it’s constructed of aluminum. It also has less recoil, produces less noise, and allows for more precise firing.

All components are created in the United States, including a machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel, robust composite limbs, and high-strength bowstrings. 

As it does not contain much weight that’s why it is easy to carry and hold during your archery activities and it can be also used by kids. 

List of Features:
  1. It is made well.
  2. Contributes in the kid’s growth.
  3. An appealing and attractive design.
  4. A perfect choice for the initiators.
  5. It eliminates let-off and other specific draw length requirements.
Brace Height7.5/8″
Draw Length15″ – 30″
Draw Weight10 lbs – 20 lbs
Axle to Axle Length35.5″
IBO Speed (ft/sec)N/A
Let Off0%
Weight3.5 lbs
  • Usable for kids.
  • Easy to use.
  • It provides 5 bow arrows.
  • For both intermediate and beginners.
  • You can safely adjust the draw weight.
  • Ease of installation.
  • High quality material.
  • The bow string may make a noise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you shoot a left-handed bow with your right hand?

Yes, there is a possibility that you can shoot a left handed bow right handed however it depends on the different situations because there are some situations where this might be advantageous or beneficial.

But most of the bows are meant to be used with a specific handedness. This is the reason that it is not usually recommended to shoot a left handed bow right handed. 

How do you know if you need a right or left-handed bow?

To figure out that it’s left-handed, you need to determine a few things such as with the string of bow closest to you, then look towards the riser of the bow.

After that, the arrow, stabilizer and bow sight pins should all be visible to you. It is a right-handed bow if these sections of the bow are on the left side of the riser. It is a left handed bow if these parts are on the right side of the riser. 

What hand do I shoot a bow with?

It is quite simple to choose the option that corresponds to your dominant hand when you select the right hand orientation for a bow. The string of the bow is drawn with the dominant hand whereas the opposite hand contributes to keeping the bow still.

On the other side, the right handed bows are drawn with the right hand and held in the left. You can easily figure out what hand you shoot a bow with.

Can a lefty shoot a right-handed bow?

Yes, it is possible that a left-handed person is able to shoot a right-handed bow and a right-handed one can shoot a left-handed bow.

Actually, this is the preferred shooting method among dominant archers. Although a right-handed bow can be shot, if the shooter is left-handed and he has a dominant left eye, the bow will be significantly less accurate. 

Which eye do you close when capturing a bow?

If you want to have the most accurate shooting, then you should use your dominant or master eye because that can help you in a successful shooting. Your dominant eye is usually the same as your dominant hand but this is not always the case, it may differ.

Before sighting in your rifle or handgun, you should figure out which eye of yours is a dominant one and then you can go for successful archery. 

Conclusion on Left Handed Compound Bow:

If you are a left-handed shooter and looking for a compound bow of your type then go for it. There is a wide range of left-handed compound bows from a number of well-known brands. These bows come with different features and factors plus they also have some advantages and disadvantages as well.

The left-handed compound bows are not just for the hunters or archers who are professionals; you can even have a bow if you are a beginner. There are some bows that are light in weight and kids can also learn shooting easily and safely.

It depends on you which brand or model you want to choose according to your requirements. You may go for the above-discussed compound bows if you find them appealing. Each product has benefits and cons as well, so choose one carefully. Now, best wishes for your best left handed compound bow!

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