Best Ozone Generator For Hunting

Top 9 Best Ozone Generator For Hunting for 2023

Looking for the best ozone generator for hunting? Well, it requires so much brainstorming because there are many brands offering portable ozone generators for hunting but not all are helpful. That’s our team just reviewed some of the best ozone scent eliminators. So let’s get started.

When it comes to hunting then you should go for an ozone generator because it plays an important role in professional hunting.

If you are a professional hunter or hobbyist with a bow or an arrow then you should be aware of this to use an ozone generator because the human body produces a little odor which is typical for humans but it is strong for animals such as dogs, deer, elks, etc and it helps them to get aware about humans.

If you are going hunting then make sure to turn on the ozone generator because it will not allow any animal to get aware of your scent as ozonic will eliminate it, otherwise you won’t be able to hunt. Now our review team enlists some of the best Ozone Generator For Hunting which you can choose on the basis of your requirements. But before that let’s get some know-how!

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What are Ozone Generators? 

It is a device that produces ozone gas and it is known as an ozone generator. Furthermore, ozone is efficient in water treatment and a significant amount of ozone contributes in eliminating the impurities in the air.

Ozone generators are not just used for purifying your interior atmosphere but also help you in providing you with a good hunting experience. One of the main benefits of using an ozone generator is that it provides hunters with the ability to hunt in the open air. This allows hunters to see better and provides hunters with an advantage over their prey because they can see the animal better than it can see you.

Ozone generators are a great hunting tool because they provide continuous air cover while you hunt. They do this by creating an ozone layer over your human scent, which will keep you hidden from the game.

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How Do Ozone Generators Work For hunting? 

For hunting, you must use an ozone generator because it can help you a lot in your achievement. After knowing about the ozone generator, you should also have a look at how it works for hunting because after that you’ll be able to decide its purchase.

Ozone generators function by charging oxygen with an electric charge by converting O2 to O3. The additional oxygen molecule binds to scents and degrades all the chemical molecules.

Now, the typical smell of a hunter will disappear and animals won’t be able to smell or recognize that.

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Why Should You Get Ozone Generators For hunting? 

If you are a hunting enthusiast or professional hunter, then you should get an ozone generator for your amazing and adventurous hunting exposure.

An animal can see you three times at high frequencies compared to us. Further, they can hear you loud and clear and will go out of your sight to save themselves. But animals have this ability to smell human odors from various ranges and if they have detected you then you won’t be able to hunt them.

This is the reason that you should have an ozone generator because it will not let animals smell you and reveal your location during hunting. Ozone generators are highly effective and easy to use as well. 

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Things to Consider While Looking For Ozone Generators

When it comes to buying an ozone generator then people get confused because there is a wide range of different brands along with different qualities. It is essential to keep in mind the following things before you get to grab an ozone generator. 

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Manufacturing Quality

Ozone gas can be harmful to the lungs but it still is used for different purposes. Before you buy an ozone generator, it is important for you to make sure it’s manufacturing quality. There are some brands that stand by their product and they also try to improve their product’s quality with innovative ideas. Do not purchase one without ensuring the product’s quality otherwise, it will be just a waste of your money. 

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Material Type 

Ozone generators are made of different materials because of the high reactivity of ozone such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and many others. It is your responsibility to ensure the material type of ozone generator before you decide to buy one. Some materials are not compatible with ozone and some are; now it’s all up to you to make sure the type and high-quality material. 

ozone generator hunting clothes


The probability of an ozone generator matters a lot and you should consider that before buying one. A tiny portable ozone generator can make a lot of difference and an ozone generator should be easy to move. You can have other advantages too by installing this device before you go for a hunt. That’s why it is essential for you to choose a lightweight and portable ozone generator because it won’t slow down when you are out in the field. 

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Ease of Installation 

When you have considered other essential things in an ozone generator then make sure it’s easy to install. Furthermore, an ozone generator should be easy to use and install. If you are looking for an ozone generator for the first time then you should seek one which can be activated by pressing just a single button. An ozone generator that does not take much time plus it also does not require much work can be your best bet. 

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Battery Life 

It is much more nerve-wracking when you are carrying an ozone generator and still your scent is being recognized. This is the reason that you should determine its battery life so that you won’t face any kind of embarrassment. You should ensure that your ozone generator has enough battery to survive while hunting. It is recommended that you can also go for a backup battery along with you.

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Volume of Ozone Gas 

There are some users for whom the ozone generators are manufactured differently. This ozone generator is used for house usage and it is not the same as the industrial ones are. It is mandatory to determine the generator’s capacity and think about how much ozone it can produce. Further, the capacity or volume of ozone gas is determined per mg per hour and it is calculated by the size and space which is available in the specific location. 

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An ozone generator is used for covering your odor and purifying the air. When you make up a plan for purchasing one then make sure that it provides efficient smell coverage otherwise it will not be worth it. While hunting, the odor coverage is damn important because animals won’t be able to recognize your smell and you can have a great hunting experience. However, it is mandatory to ensure this quality in an ozone generator. 

Ozone Generator For Hunting

Should Be Well Reviewed 

If you are looking for an ozone generator for hunting then choose carefully because it can save your time, extra effort, and money. An ozone generator comes from different brands and once you have decided on a product then review most of the time to make sure whether it is in the stock or not. By reviewing, you can go for a product which is having high rating otherwise you may buy something which is under or has bad reviews. 

Don’t Choose Cheap One as it’s Dangerous 

A cheap portable ozone generator is dangerous for many reasons and while looking for an ozone generator, just try to have one with high quality and safety surety because sometimes when an animal for example elk detects you by smell then they may try to attack you which can be dangerous.

If a high-quality product is a little expensive then spend money on that because it is gonna be worth it instead of spending on a low-quality product just for the sake of saving a few pennies. You need to choose an ozone generator with a conscious mind and consider all the essential things because it can be dangerous too.

  1. Wildgame Innovations Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator
  2. Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device
  3. Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System
  4. Ozonics OrionX Scent Elimination Device
  5. Scent Crusher Halo Series Locker
  6. ScentLok OZ Radial EZ Portable Ozone Generator
  7. HME Hunting POZNAC Scents & Scent Eliminators
  8. Dead Down Wind Dead Zone Portable Ozone Generator
  9. Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Plasma Ion Portable Generator

Wildgame Innovations Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator

If you are looking for an ozone generator that should be portable and eliminates maximum odor like anywhere where there is an undesired scent then you may choose this Zerotracer Plasma Ion field Generator which is safe to use and is a proven system to eliminate the scent of humans with the technology of pure Ion. 

This is a design available with an ultra-quiet fan which contributes to spreading all the Ion particles evenly and you would also get a charger to power the battery. It is a good quality product and the battery life is a maximum of 6 hours. This generator can be used outside for hunting purposes. This is available in Tru Bark Camo color and available in just one size.

The output of this ozone generator is that it is safe on the gear plus it also makes the control of scent safe for breathing. 

This ozone generator is effective and efficient because it does not allow the animals to smell the human odor. 

This amazing product is made of plastic and for securely eliminating undesirable fragrance particles, pure Ion technology employs the flow of small-but-mighty ion molecules. For maximum camouflage, use a tribrach texture.

Is this Product Really Worth it?

Yes, of course, this product is really worth it because you can increase the chances of a successful hunt plus it is quite affordable. 

  • It is convenient to use.
  • Does not harm health.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Rechargeable.
  • It offers warranty.
  • Comes with an additional battery for extra power life.
  • Battery life is good.
  • No cons to mention here.

Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device

Scent eliminators are used for eliminating that typical human smell which is quite strong for animals. Ozonics is a famous manufacturer which produces portable eliminators of the high level. In this package, you can get a long lasting battery which comes with a tree and mounts. This ozone generator is compatible and safe to use. 

If you want to buy this one then you’ll be glad to know that this product does not make noise such as the first one. The design has a touch button that can be silently on and then off. The fan within the device is totally quiet and it eliminates the unwanted scent. This amazing design is available in HR-230 color. 

There are lots of features of Ozonics and this device provides the output of both levels such as blind hunting and treestand hunting.  

This product can offer maximum effectiveness while you hunt a deer who will not be able to smell and hear you. 

High-quality material is used in manufacturing and the fan is super quiet. It also balances time and oxidant concentration to ensure the right amount of deodorizer is used. The green lights which are built-in utility lights turn on without waking any surrounding animals.

Is this Product Really Worth it?

This ozone generator is valuable because it will contribute to eliminating the undesirable odor in the odor zone.

  • It is a reliable one.
  • It is practical and silent.
  • It has good battery life.
  • Effective in deodorizing the clothes.
  • Safe to use.
  • It comes with a standard with tree mount.
  • The battery may take a while to charge.
  • This product can be a little expensive.

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System

When you get an extra output for eliminating the scent of hunting then it becomes ice on the cake along with high-quality products. This other production of Ozonics comes with a technology that balances time and the focus of oxidant for ensuring the proper amount of oxidant which is deployed. It also offers a battery that can be recharged because it comes with a smart charger. 

This design of Ozonics has a weight of 16 ounces and you can have this in black and white combo color. This generator’s battery is designed to increase pre-session performance in order to determine how much time is left in the hunt. You can use this product when hunting on the ground or from the tree because it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t make noise. 

With up to 45 percent greater ozone emission, this device offers more output for erasing human scent during hunting. 

When an ozone generator or scent eliminator comes with silent features, the device becomes more effective and efficient. This odor eliminator can help you a lot in your successful hunting experience.  

A product with high-quality material is a clear sign of its efficiency. This ozone generator of Ozonics has a silent fan which will help the hunters to hunt silently without letting animals smell their scent. Even though there are several things available in this package such as the battery, charger, charger power supply, and other things.

Is this Product Really Worth it?

If you are going for this one then this product is worth your money because it comes with an extra 45% ozone output for eliminating the odor.

  • It has powerful scent neutralization.
  • It is effective.
  • For its capabilities, it is lightweight.
  • It’s easy to function.
  • It has a tree and blind bracket mounting system.
  • Comes with incredible battery life.
  • It is quiet.
  • You may face a problem while charging the battery.
  • Some users complains about it’s battery.

Ozonics OrionX Scent Elimination Device

It is essential for you to consider all the essential features of an ozone generator otherwise your money will be wasted. This scent elimination device of OrionX comes with hyper boost mode which generates an additional amount of ozone. Furthermore, this brand also offers gloves for activation and you do not need to put much effort while using this device. Apart from hunting, it can also be used in lockers, bathrooms, and other places too.  

This product has the design of rubber over the mold construction which plays an important role in reducing noise and also improved grip during setup and takedown. You would also get an XL battery which provides you with up to 10 hours of battery life in Standard mode, 8 hours in Boost mode, and 6 hours in Hyperboost mode. The weight of the unit is 1.9 pounds and it is available in black color. 

This device gives an amazing output when it is activated. It has a new Hyper-boost mode that increases ozone production by about 25 percent when triggered. 

This is an excellent tool for hunting and scent elimination because it is beneficial and useful when it is generated.  

The material is not mentioned clearly but you would get a rubber over the mold construction which looks stunning. The simple, basic function of this equipment makes it easy to use with gloves and in the dark. This technology balances time and oxidant concentration to guarantee that the right quantity of deodorant is applied to your gear.

Is this Product Really Worth it?

With 25 percent of more or extra power, it emits a good amount of ozone gas plus it has a good battery timing. So, yeah it is worth it to buy this one.

  • It has double battery life.
  • It’s simple to function.
  • Its rubber design offers a strong gripping.
  • It is lightweight in comparison to its capabilities.
  • This generator for scent elimination is pricey.
  • The unit may cause noise in the surroundings.

Scent Crusher Halo Series Locker

For an ozone generator, it is also important that it should be easy to install because it can save you a lot of energy and time as well. This scent crusher has the ability to eliminate scents from clothes and equipment.

Additionally, this is an easy-to-install hunting closet that comes with the control method of touching. The locker lite provides a comfortable way to crush the odor.

This is a unique design that has a closet or locker lite which contributes to eliminating the contaminants.  Furthermore, it is portable and it can also be converted into a roller bag.

The Scent Crusher Locker Lite is simple to put together and durable enough to be used outside. Basements, garages, and hunting camps all benefit from the closet. The digital generator produces ozone, which kills most odors in less than 30 minutes.

The ozone generator is not rechargeable but still, this scent crusher can eliminate all kinds of odors in less than 30 minutes from clothing and other hunting tools. 

This scent or odor crusher locker is an amazing alternative to ozonic because they concentrate on the fragrance elimination of your belongings.  Moreover, it’s an effective way to get rid of undesired smells.

The fabric which is used in manufacturing for Heavy Duty Zippers, Weather-Resistant Base. Convertible and adjustable metal shelves are available to meet your storage needs. The size of Locker Lite is 28″ W x 69″ H x 20″ D and it adds a level of functional convenience to every hunter’s armory just because of the new third-generation ozone generator.

Is this Product Really Worth it?

If you are looking for an Ozonics alternative then you may go for this one because it is a unique design for a closet or locker. You can also store different stuff in it. But do remember that most of the users may not find it portable.  

  • The locker is sturdy.
  • It has tons of storage.
  • Effectiveness feature.
  • It is made of high quality material.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Its maintenance free.
  • The product can be heavy more than 23 pounds.
  • It must need to be plugged into wall outlet.

ScentLok OZ Radial EZ Portable Ozone Generator

If you don’t like ozonic then you may go for scent lockers as their replacements. This OZ Radial EZ uses ozone technology to eliminate practically all types of odors naturally. This portable ozone generator was created to find and remove scents in its route in a silent manner. Its CycleClean technology allows the generator to control power, resulting in higher efficiency and longer battery life. 

The design of this locker can be just used in empty places. The generator is ideal for close quarters such as campgrounds, closets, rooms that are medium-sized, and other small spaces.

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours, and the USB charging connector allows the device to be charged and reused. This design is available in different colors such as grey and black or white. 

The OZ Radial EZ has a 360-degree ozone dispersion output and four operating modes such as regular, max, regular cycle, and max cycle.

This product is useful and effective for more than just removing odors from your hunting gear or home. It’s also useful for dealing with other scents that arise in the home or office.

The manufacturing material is not mentioned clearly however this Radial EZ emits powerful streams of ozone that seek out and destroy odors and bacteria in its path using a simple one-button design and easy-to-see display LEDs. Additionally, you can get rid of strong scents from autos, tenacious pet stains, and even a particularly dirty adolescent’s room.  

Is this Product Really Worth it?

Along with all its features and characteristics for removing the scent, it is worth spending money on this.

  • It destroys odor naturally.
  • Scents don’t stand a chance.
  • It also neutralizes and controls household scents.
  • It makes the air fresh.
  • Good battery life.
  • It has a portable feature.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Charging may take much time.

HME Hunting POZNAC Scents & Scent Eliminators

If you do not use any kind of ozone generator or odor eliminator, the animals can smell your scent and run away while you are hunting. These eliminators are not just used for hunting, there are other benefits as well. Although it’s compact and light, you can throw it in any hunting, sports, or gym bag to get rid of odor-causing particles. 

This product is chemical-free and produces varying concentrations of ozone, which attack and destroy foreign odor molecules, leaving your gear odorless and undetectable. The revolutionary design can help you hide from wild animals. The portable Ozone air Cleaner is safe to use in enclosed rooms and will not damage or wear garments. It will eradicate all forms of odors up to 6 cubic feet. You can get this one in green color.

The output rating for this device is 2mg/h and the continuous use of it for 6 hours, helps in keeping the odor neutralizer.

The 500mAh rechargeable battery provides the convenience required for continuous operation which makes it efficient for erasing scents of all types. 

The blend material is used in the production of this item. Produces a sufficient amount of ozone in a safe manner to destroy and eliminate odor-causing particles. You can take it with you on the road for quick odor relief whenever and wherever you need it.

Is this Product Really Worth it?

With great battery life and efficiency in eliminating a variety of smells make it is worth it. You may choose this if it appeals to you.

  • It is lightweight to carry.
  • Comes with rechargeable battery.
  • It can be reactivated with moisture.
  • Erases different scents.
  • User-friendly.
  • Battery life is good.
  • It may not work properly because of the small size.
  • It may make noise.

Dead Down Wind Dead Zone Portable Ozone Generator

There is a variety of ozone generators or odor eliminators available in the online and offline market platform. This Dead Zone Ozone Generator will complete that system and eliminate odor where it matters most. In this package, you can get a two-step cleaning, four-stage ozone output, and quick-detach charging.

An ozone machine with a compact design that is ready for your next excursion when you want to get up close and personal. Use in a Dead Zone Bag, a hunting closet, a truck, or any other portable area. This portable generator produces ozone in four different stages and is available in tan black orange colors. It employs a three-phase method that is well-known in the hunting community for eliminating odors in tree stands and ground blinds.

The battery in this compact generator lasts 4 to 8 hours of continuous use and comes with a 110V / 12V DC charging converter for your home or vehicle which erases all kinds of smells.

If you have made up your mind of purchasing one, then it can be an ideal choice for you because it has the ability to reduce or eliminate the maximum odor.  

Is this Product Really Worth it?

This device is made of plastic and it offers a great scent-eliminating hunting experience. The multi-functional dual output ports on the Dead Down Wind odor eliminator allow for convenient dispersion from either the front or sides of the unit.

When a product is of high quality and also meets your requirements, then there is no chance to leave that one. This item is also worth it and you can have an idea after using it.

  • Comes with good battery capacity.
  • It has multi-functional portable unit.
  • It has two step cleaning procedure.
  • A compact design.
  • Easy to use device.
  • Eliminates maximum scent.
  • Offers a light up display.
  • The manufacturer may not respond after a misplacement etc.
  • There are just a few reviews for this product.

Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Plasma Ion Portable Generator

You will explore many ozone generators of different brands however it totally depends on you for which brand you want to go with according to your requirements. Zero Trace Plasma Ion is a portable unit that makes sure to eliminate odors which helps you in hunting silently and carefully. 

The design of an ozone generator should be attractive and appealing to you. This Zero Trace device is available in grey color and it has a fantastic design. You can use this equipment for erasing the smell from clothes and the gear. This product is especially recommended for male users. 

This amazing device is able to reduce a variety of scents and if you are going to buy this one then you would notice its wonderful output or results.  

This Zero Trace Plasma Ion ozone generator provides you with maximum scent elimination of 99.9 percent which means it is efficient enough to give an amazing performance.  

Ozone can be harmful as well when high-quality material in the device is not used. This ozone-generating device is made of different types of materials which make it strong and secure. You can use it indoors, in vehicles, or in any other place where you want to remove unwanted smells. 

Is this Product Really Worth it?

This product provides 99.9 percent results for erasing all types of odors plus it is convenient and safe to use so that’s why you may buy this device but after considering all the advantages and disadvantages as well.    

  • It can erase smell from both clothes and gear.
  • This brand claims warranty.
  • It removes maximum scent.
  • It also includes a vehicle charger.
  • Offers a good battery life.
  • It is portable and convenient for users.
  • It works quickly and quietly.
  • This product does not have any reviews by the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It safe to run an ozone generator?

Unfortunately, it is not safe to run an ozone generator. The Environmental Protection Agency has censured the use of such devices in cities because they can be dangerous to one’s health and they can also be ineffective at reducing airborne toxins.

In conclusion, there is no approval by any federal agencies regarding the use of ozone generators in populated places. But you can use them during hunting.

Does ozone smell spook deer?

No, it does not spook deer because before reverting to oxygen, the formed ozone just lasts a few minutes and within a few feet of where this generator is activated.

The smell of the ozone is natural and it is non-threatening for deers. The ozonic contributes to hiding your downwind side. It is essential that you generate ozone gas carefully.

Do ozone generators really work for hunting?

There are two types of ozone generators for hunting such as professional generators and portable ones. Both play an important role in eliminating different odors or smells.

If you are going to hunt a deer with an arrow or bow, by using an ozone generator, you can increase your hunting rates. These ozone generators really work for hunting and reducing the smell.

Can you use an ozone generator in a hunting blind?

When intense ozone comes into contact with your smell as they leave the blind together, it changes or destroys and it makes your odor unrecognizable.

Using an ozonic HR unit in a blind is an effective way to reduce the odor. You can direct and control the airflow accordingly. For safety, it is important to not use an ozone machine in a closed blind with no ventilation.

How much ozone do I need for hunting clothes?

Ozone can be dangerous for your lungs. That’s why it is important to determine the quantity of ozone for your hunting clothes. An upper limit of 0.10 ppm (parts per million) is recommended for scent elimination from your hunting clothes and gear.

An ambient air quality standard for ozone is a maximum eight-hour average outdoor concentration of 0.08 ppm and this is for safety purposes.

How do you control the smell of deer hunting?

There are different steps for controlling the smell of deer hunting such as cleaning your clothes with scent-reducing detergents because regular detergents add fragrances to your clothes, you can also use scent-free body wash, go for the odor eliminating sprays, and many more. You can also try to take affordable precautions to avoid picking up fragrances on the way you stand.

Is ozonics safe to use?

For using ozonic, you need some safety instructions to follow. The Us government evaluates and creates safety criteria for a variety of chemicals and materials including ozone before they are approved for the home’s usage. Ozone gas can be jeopardized for the lungs that’s why ozonic should be used in well-ventilated areas or locations.

Can animals smell ozone?

Ozone exists in the environment in concentrations with .001 and .003 parts per million depending on the local environment or ozonic. Ozone has a half-life of approximately 20 minutes unless it comes into contact with a substance and reacts ozonic research has revealed that ozone will revert back to oxygen o2 by that time. This travels hardly 20 feet from the hunter and leaves a chance for an animal to smell ozone.

Conclusion on Best Ozone Generator For Hunting:

Ozone generators are used for the sake of a great hunting experience because they produce ozone which eliminates all kinds of smells or odors from your clothes and hunting equipment. There are a variety of brands that offer different ozone generators or locker closets along with their variety of features that can be helpful in providing you with successful hunting.

Before you choose or buy one, you should consider different things such as the material, product’s quality, maintenance, probability, ease of installation and battery life, etc.

You can’t just use these devices for hunting but also can use them at your house or other places for erasing unwanted scents. You can choose one from the above-reviewed portable ozone generator of different brands while keeping in mind both their advantages and disadvantages.

If a product is worth it then go for that if that is a little expensive but never go for a cheap one because they can be dangerous. Best of luck with your Best Ozone Generator For Hunting!

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