Best Scent Control Clothing for Hunting

Top 10 Best Scent Control Clothing for Hunting in 2023

Are you guys looking forward to the Best scent control clothing for hunting? If you are a hunter then you’ll be aware that there are lots of things that you are supposed to keep in mind while hunting.

A rookie hunter must know why scent-resistant clothing or jackets are important.

The reason that you should use such basic equipment is that it can eliminate such human smells which can be easily detected by animals during hunting.

Whether you are a professional hunter or someone who is a hunting lover, you should be aware of all the things which can be a hurdle or beneficial in your hunting exposure.

There are several clothes in the market and you can easily purchase one on the basis of their good and poor quality. You would explore a variety of scent-blocking jackets and clothes from different brands however choose one wisely.

In this article, you will get to know about different brands offering jackets along with their attributes, other essential details regarding the product, and pros/cons as well.

Just stick to this article until it ends! 

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What is scent control clothing for hunting? 

Before moving forward to how scent blocking jackets work or why you should get one, it is crucial to know about what exactly the scent blocking jackets are.

Along with an amazing shooting capability, scent-blocking jackets can also contribute to a fantastic performance during hunting.

They are used as the rescue in a situation where the prey is nearby you. Additionally, they do not let animals know that you are close to them because jackets block the human smell.

Best Scent Control Clothing for Hunting

How does scent control clothing for hunting? 

best scent control hunting clothing

Odor-blocking jackets/clothes play an important role when it comes to hunting because they absorb the odor of your body and also the amazing technology prevents the smell from reaching your target and scaring them away.

Scent hunting clothes contain three main ingredients such as activated carbon, another highly processed carbon which absorbs the hydrogen sulfide and it is commonly found in human breath.

Zeolite is a mineral and is efficient in absorbing other strong scents such as ammonia as well. With a combination of all these three ingredients, scent control clothes become capable to control human smell.

Why Should You Get a Scent Blocking Jacket? 

When you go hunting and you do not use any scent blocker such as an ozone generator or any other clothing, then you face unsuccessful hunting because you failed to hunt even a single animal which frustrates you sometimes.

As I said above animals have the ability to smell the human’s odor and due to this characteristic, they can figure out whether a human is near them or not, and after that they can scare away and you can lose your target. This is the reason that scent-blocking jackets are important for hunting because they absorb all the smell and you can hunt easily without any obstacle.

best scent control hunting clothing

Things to Consider while Looking For scent control clothing for Hunting

When you buy a product, it is important to buy it carefully because you are investing a handsome amount in that. Scent blocking jackets are essential for hunting because they contribute to blocking odors coming from the human body and don’t let the animals know about the hunter.

If you are going to buy one then you should consider each and everything in that, such as its manufacturing quality, its fabric, flexibility, and other things as well because it can make your product worthy. 

Lightweight Scent Control Clothing

Manufacturing Quality 

Before you get a scent blocking jacket, it is important for you to make sure of the quality of its manufacturing.

Because a good quality provides you comfortability and a poor one causes uncomfortability. There is a wide range of brands that stand by their product and they also improve their product quality by using innovative ideas.

It is your foremost priority that you do not buy an odor-blocking jacket without ensuring the quality of the product and manufacturing otherwise it will not be more than a waste of money. 


Technology in a scent blocking jacket matters a lot because that plays a vital role in offering a remarkable performance.

There are many brands that come with these jackets and they all have the same thing, that is the technology that is used to trap or absorb your body’s smell on the inside.

In simple words, you should look for a jacket that comes with an odor-absorbing material on the inside and a system that prevents the odor from leaving before it is absorbed. Before having one, ensure this feature in your required item.

Fabric Weight/ Density 

If you do not know what a fabric density is then no worries. The amount of heat a gram retains is determined by its fabric density which in turn dictates the best time for wearing it.

You should make sure that the fabric is high density or low because a level of density causes the heat in the jackets. If a jacket is dense then it is better to wear it in cold weather.

Then there are medium density jackets for the middle hunting season and light coats which can be worn during all hunting seasons. Now, you can go for a jacket accordingly. 


When it comes to hunting and wearing a scent blocking jacket, flexibility for maintaining comfort and stealth matters a lot.

An odor-blocking jacket should be flexible enough to allow you to stretch and move in various directions easily without causing discomfort to the cloth. For avoiding discomfort while hunting, you should consider this feature in a  jacket before you choose it.

Further, the tight coats which come with limited flexibility may generate some noise when you stretch and this may scare away the prey.


There’s this thing called camouflage which should also be considered before purchasing a scent blocking jacket for hunting. It is available in a variety of patterns.

Mossy oak and real tree Xtra are the most prevalent forms of these jackets and they come in a wide range of colors and patterns allowing you to create unique designs for various locations. Before you buy a jacket, just make sure of the hunting grounds because an incorrect one can make you look out of place and prey will readily detect you.


Size is one of the most important things which you should consider before getting or choosing an odor-blocking or preventing jacket for hunting. Scent blocking jackets do not come in different sizes because their sizes are normally set and it is important to get them right otherwise you’ll not fit in if it’s too large or big.

If it is too small then some scent blocking devices will be ineffective. Further, a small hand will leave voids between the cuff and your hand, elastic cuffs, etc will not be completely sealed off the wrist escape point. 

Should be Well Reviewed 

Before buying a scent blocking jacket for hunting, make sure you’ve considered all of the crucial aspects and traits. It is your responsibility to continue evaluating the product because there is no way to avoid purchasing a worthless item.

You may only look for something for a brief length of time, only to learn that it is gone or damaged later. To avoid such mistakes, it is vital to review a product’s all essential features or factors such as its quality, size, comfort level, and other important things as well before purchasing it. 

Lightweight Scent Control Clothing

Don’t Choose Cheap One as it’s Dangerous 

Scent blocking jackets can provide you with an amazing and successful hunting experience. If you are looking for one which can block your body’s odor while hunting and give a fantastic performance then choose it carefully while considering all the things.

The price of a product may be the first thing that comes to your mind and you should go for a high quality product because some products can be dangerous to use if you buy the cheapest one. If a product is a little expensive then go for it because it will be safe to use and it will also be worth buying. 

Lightweight Scent Control Clothing

What are the Best Scent Blocking Jackets For Hunting

  1. ScentBlocker Drencher Men’s Lightweight Breathable Waterproof Jacket
  2. Scent Blocker Fused Cotton Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt
  3. Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket
  4. ScentBlocker Outfitter Hunting Jacket
  5. Scent Blocker Alpha Jacket
  6. Scent Blocker Men’s Protec HD Jacket
  7. Scent-Lok Men’s Full Season Velocity Jacket
  8. Scent Blocker Shield Series Wooltex Jacket
  9. ScentBlocker Switchback Jacket
  10. ScentBlocker Dead Quiet Jacket

ScentBlocker Drencher Men’s Jacket – Best Scent control Clothing for Hunting

Our first reviewed scent blocking jacket is ScentBlocker Drencher and it comes with a durable feature plus it can also be used in the rainy season. The S3 technology is used in manufacturing and it is available at an affordable price. This jacket has the ability to eliminate unwanted odors and contribute to the field of cleaning the hunting clothes. 

If we talk about the design, it comes with a waterproof design, and the soft brushed tricot fabric is used in manufacturing. The jacket has easy dressing and rain protection with a 3-piece hood and full front zip with a storm flap. The pockets include two snap closures to keep your gear safe and close to reaching.

This jacket is flexible and it covers you from everything from the spot and stalks in the tree stand. The fabric is quite breathable and it also allows the air to flow through the jacket which is lightweight. The built quality is high because it is made with high-quality material for use on rainy days as well. 

High-quality fabric is used along with the S3 technology which contributes to blocking your scents and can alert the animals while hunting. As the product is durable and waterproof, you can use it in any weather condition and it has the ability to withstand harsh weather or conditions. 

List of Features:
  • Capable of eliminating odors.
  • Comes with water-resistant quality.
  • It offers easy breathing.
  • It is flexible to use.
  • It can withstand the weather.
  • Has snap closure pockets.
Is this Product Really Worth it?

This jacket offers several features and benefits such as it can resist the rainy season, it is durable, advanced technology is used, the fabric is quite convenient to use and it is made while keeping in mind the requirements of a hunter. And these features make it a worth buying product. 

  • It’s durability factor.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Breathable design.
  • An adjustable hood.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Amazing output.
  • High build quality. 
  • It is made for men specifically.
  • The heavy rain may penetrate into it after some time.

Scent Blocker Fused Cotton Shirt – Best Scent control Hunting Clothing

This is our second product and it offers long sleeves along with button-up shirts. The long sleeves and this jacket are comfortable to wear plus you can add it to your outdoor wearing clothing collection. You don’t even need to be worried about its weight because it is light in weight.  The silver ion S3 technology is used to make sure to prevent the scents. 

It has an amazing design and if you wear it first you won’t be able to put it off. The jacket stuff is quite soft but it’s strong enough to withstand weather challenges. You can get this jacket easily because this brand offers different chest measurements. The collar and cuffs are also rib-knit, which adds to the top’s durability.

Along with the soft fabric and convenience, it also plays an important role in preventing a variety of odors. You can wear it and can stay outside as long as you can because it is durable enough. Camouflage patterns are also advantageous because they allow hunters to remain undetected by animals. 

If we talk about the fabric, 60 percent of cotton and 40 percent of polyester are used in manufacturing. This high-quality material makes it durable and withstand which also helps hunters to have a great hunting experience along with S3 technology.  

List of Features: 
  • Offers long sleeves.
  • A camouflage button-up shirt.
  • User-friendly.
  • It is enough to withstand.
  • Chest sizes are available.
  • S3 ion-S3 technology is used.
Is this Product Really Worth it?

There is a wide range of features offering this jacket such as full sleeves, cotton, and polyester, you can get this jacket on the basis of your chest measurements plus it has the durability factor which means it is strong enough to face weather conditions and ensure the odor elimination.  

  • It can withstand a variety of weather conditions.
  • Comfortable usage.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • It’s optimal for mobility.
  • Makes hunters unseen for animals.
  • It’s perfect to wear. 
  • High-quality material.
  • It may not fit extra or overweight hunters.

Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket – Scent Control Clothing for Hunting

Our next reviewed product is a Scent Blocker Knock Out jacket. This brand is reliable and this jacket is easy to use because you’ll just have to wear it and then you can go hunting outside. You can just use this product in hot weather and early season because it is not very dense, that’s why it is not that hot to wear and use. It is ready to wear and you can easily take breaths while wearing it. 

It is designed to be your go to piece for hunting just in the early season and hot as well. For a solid structure, lightweight technology is used which does not make it heavy. It is moisture wicking and offers ultimate comfort. It provides elastic cuffs and waist which contribute in keeping your jacket and smell in place plus does not allow animals to smell you. 

High-quality material makes it more comfortable to wear and you can go out hunting without being worried about your body’s odors. It eliminates and prevents the undesired smells coming from your body which may alert the animals because they have this ability to smell the odor of a human. 

In the manufacturing, the high quality and multi-directional stretchable fabric is used which allows you to breathe through it easily and you won’t feel suffocation because it is quite stretchable and flexible. The S3 technology which is used in this jacket makes it more effective and durable. 

List of Features: 
  • It is a go-to wear piece. 
  • Lightweight technology is used.
  • It is breathable.
  • It is a reliable one.
  • Equipped with Moisture wicking. 
  • The safety harness is there.
Is this Product Really Worth it?

The advanced technology, its strong and stable structure, reliable & lightweight design, and its durability, make it worthy. It is flexible enough and stretchable to make you comfortable while wearing it and outside for hunting, it has the ability to make your hunting memorable and adventurous. It can be your best hunting outfit if you choose it. 

  • Multi-directional fabric.
  • An ideal choice.
  • It can wick moisture.
  • Reliable and lightweight.
  • Convenient.
  • Offers easy breathing. 
  • Does not allow odours to come out of the jacket.
  • This jacket will shine white in UV light, you can use it just as a base layer.
  • As it has a large size, it may not fit small sized and medium sized ones. 

ScentBlocker Outfitter Hunting Jacket – Scent Blocker Outfitter Jacket Reviews

This is our next product from ScentBlocker Outfitter Hunting jacket which has an innovative design and is safe to use. For a good and amazing hunting experience, a jacket should be lightweight plus it should have the ability to conceal your body odors. This jacket has long sleeves and a zipper closure.  You can get this jacket in real tree Xtra color. 

Along with the best quality product, it is also important to have an attractive design. This jacket has a fascinating design which comes with a zipper closure and it is 100 percent waterproof. You can easily attach the safety harness which comes with the slit back. With this water-resistant design, you are going to have a successful hunt with no smell. 

You can get this jacket if you are interested in purchasing it. Further, it offers a durable and waterproof design which allows hunters to use it even in the rainy days. It has a three piece sleeve build and for easy movement, there is an arm guard which can be removed for convenience.  

To make this jacket, sherpa, polyester, and tricot are used. We all know that only high-quality material and fabric will have the ability to be used in harsh weather or withstand the weather. Additionally, new trinity technology is used for making it more reliable and effective for the hunters.  

List of Features: 
  • It offers three piece construction.
  • New trinity technology is used.
  • Innovative safety harness.
  • Offers a rear grommeted licence loop.
  • Rainblocker technology.
  • Zip-out wind blocker.
Is this Product Really Worth it?

This jacket is worth buying because it comes with a great number of features such as, it has the wind blocker & rain blocker mechanism, it can withstand a variety of weathers, the high-quality fabric is used, it also offers a zip closure and provides easy breathing to hunters because it is flexible enough.  

  • It blocks wind and rain as well.
  • High quality material.
  • You can breathe easily.
  • Provides easy attachment & concealment.
  • Offers an easy movement. 
  • It is compatible to use.
  • Latest technology is used.
  • Due to small size, it may not fit you.
  • The jacket’s button may be ripped off after  a few uses. 

Scent Blocker Alpha Jacket – Lightweight Scent Control Clothing

This jacket from Scent Blocker Alpha Jacket comes with a zip closure. This has the stuff which is comfortable to wear and makes you feel soft & warm. As it is warm, you can use it in the middle of spring or fall. It is stretchable and can fit on your chest easily.  There’s an arm guard which is removable, if you don’t feel comfortable while moving or you can’t move easily, then you can easily remove that. 

This design is available with a zipper closure and two chest pockets & two lower pockets. You can get this jacket in real tree xtra color. It possesses cozy and soft fabric which provides a breathable and wind-resistant design. There’s a slanted zip and removable visor hood with a crown. The shoulders are having non-slip grip patches and there’s a removable guard on the left side. 

A variety of technology is used in this jacket for making it more convenient and effective. It is efficient enough to eliminate your body’s unwanted smells. The wind cannot come into this jacket and you can breathe easily and it won’t create any hurdles during your hunting activities. At the chest, there is a quick cinch fit system. 

High-quality material is used in manufacturing which makes it wind-resistant plus water-resistant. The Gearpendent and WindBrake technology is used for making sure to prevent the wind and maintain its softness. It offers access to important gear provided by a stretch rope with a carabiner. You would get non-slip grip patches for shoulders. 

List of Features:
  • Advanced technologies. 
  • Soft and warm fabric.
  • Removable visor hood.
  • Offers side adjustments.
  • Provides stretch cord.
  • Comes with a quick cinch fit system.
Is this Product Really Worth it?

This product comes with an attractive design, soft to wear fabric that makes you feel warm. The latest technology is used for making this jacket more appealing and efficient to use. There’s a wind blocker, pockets are also attached and the movement is easy along with the slanted zip which also allows you to keep the smell limited to you.   

  • Offers a wind blocker.
  • Easy chest fit.
  • It can withstand the weather.
  • The Hood is removable.
  • Ready to wear product.
  • High-quality construction and latest technology.
  • It’s highly breathable.
  • Some complain about tightening in the neck area.

SCENTBLOCKER Men’s Protec HD Jacket – Scent Blocker cold Weather

Our next reviewed product is from SCENTBLOCKER Men’s Protec HD jacket and in this product, versatility is offered. You don’t need to be worried about its stuff and weight because it comes with a lightweight and soft fabric. You would get a wind flap with a long zip. 

Along with this lightweight jacket, it becomes quite easy to breathe while hunting. This product can be a game changer and there are also pockets offered by this brand. 

If a design appeals and attracts you, you should go for that but after considering all the essential things. It is designed while keeping in mind all the hunting essential things such as silence, easy movement, and soft & breathable fabric. This jacket won’t make noise while you’ll be keeping an eye on your target. It has a roll-up visor hood with crown and you can easily adjust the one pull side plus it has a different interior color. 

It is brutally waterproof and the rain water won’t penetrate into the jacket. A wind blocker is also installed  into it to ward off any mother nature throws. This jacket is efficient enough to allow you to stay in the game for a long time. The jacket includes a complete front zipper with a wind flap on the inside. 

The high-quality material and fabric are used for making it able to withstand all weather conditions. To eliminate or prevent all kinds of scents while hunting, trinity advanced technology, and wind blocker are used. Body lock technology is also used to trap all the odors making your hunting easy. 

List of Features: 
  • Trap the odor.
  • It is silent.
  • Supports one snap chest pocket.
  • It’s a game-changer.
  • Sports are a combination of technologies.
  • The waist is half plastic and half drawcord.  
Is this Product Really Worth it?

There is a combination of technologies such as trinity scent blocker, body lock, and wind blocker which are used for making it more efficient and beneficial. You would find this jacket so quiet while wearing it and it has a soft inner plus anti-pilling microfleece. It has this feature of durability which makes it valuable.   

  • It is effective to use.
  • Comes with separate inner color.
  • It is durable enough.
  • It has protected HD mechanism. 
  • It is quiet when using it.
  • It is windproof.
  • Female hunters may not find it comfortable.

Scent-Lok Men’s Full Season Velocity Jacket – Best Scent Blocking Jackets For Hunting

Scent-Lok jacket is for the use of men and it is a full season velocity jacket. This product comes with enough flexibility which offers stretchability and contributes to comfortable usage. Whenever you look for a scent-blocking jacket, you should consider its durability because sometimes it happens that you go outside for hunting but you suddenly face raining or dew drops. This is the reason that a jacket should be water-proof.

This jacket is available in a design which is water-resistant and durable. This durable water repellent factor does not influence its performance in eliminating or keeping away odors from animals. You would get five pockets in which three of them are on the outer side and the rest are inside. This design offers a safety harness that comes with an easy-access opening. 

The dew drops and raindrops can shed on the jacket and this jacket won’t allow it to penetrate inside it. This product has the ability to offer amazing performance on the basis of the high quality fabric and technology which is used in making it. The stretchable cuffs which fit in contribute to locking the scent inside. 

In manufacturing, 100 percent of polyester is used which makes the jacket more reliable for the hunters. This jacket can be used in the middle season days and it is light to wear. The microfleece liner makes an addition to making it usable on other days as well.  

List of Features: 
  • High-quality fabric.
  • Comes with an upgraded fit.
  • Offers several features.
  • It’s a full-season velocity jacket.
  • Advance carbon alloy technology is used.
  • Provides versatility.   
Is this Product Really Worth it?

Its durability factor makes it more worthy. Furthermore, it comes with a wind blocker and scent locker which easily locks in the odors. Moreover, you would get five pockets and it is quiet to use and it does not let the water penetrate. It’s user-friendly and comes with many other features as well. 

  • Durability.
  • Enough pockets and closure zip.
  • It can block the wind.
  • It has the ability to lock the scent.
  • Light in weight.
  • Use of pure polyester.  
  • Offers an amazing performance. 
  • You won’t get a hood along with the jacket. 

Scent Blocker Shield Series Wooltex Jacket – Scent Shield Hunting Clothes

Our next jacket is from Scent Blocker Shield Series wooltex Jacket and this will provide you a comfortable usage plus it is resilient as well. You can wear it over a base layer or any other hunting clothing. This jacket is perfect for using it in the late hunting season and the hunters who want warmth without bulk. It is comfortable and strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather. 

A durable jacket can play an important role in your hunting, especially on rainy days. This design is integrated with the S3 technology which makes it more comfortable and user-friendly.  The camo pattern which is used can help you in making invisible to animals during your hunting activities. It is a windproof jacket with 3 storage pockets.

This jacket is wind-resistant because it does not allow air to come in plus the odor to come out. You can store things into those three pockets which are offered by this brand. There are a variety of chest measurements which you choose according to yours and for a complete hunter look, you can try this jacket with camouflage pants. 

Along with the S3 technology, durable material is also used. This jacket is manufactured with wool and polyester fleece which is perfect for late-season hunting and it is strong enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions. The high-quality collar and waist help to lock the odor and combat weather challenges. 

List of Features:
  • Offers comfortable hunting gear.
  • Camo jacket mechanism. 
  • It is a scent blocker and practical solution.
  • Windblocker liner is there.
  • Comfortable and resilient.
  • Offers different chest sizes.
Is this Product Really Worth it?

If you are looking for a product, you should also consider its comfort level along with its other features. This jacket offers enough space for storage, it blocks the wind, does not allow the odor to come out, plus it can be used in the winter season and its camo pattern is quite advantageous.  

  • It has durability feature.
  • Blocks the wind.
  • Prevents the unwanted smell.
  • It is ready to wear.
  • Its convenient.
  • Offers a contoured collar.
  • A high quality combination of materials.
  • You may find it a little expensive.
  • You’ll have to buy a hood separately.  

ScentBlocker Switchback Jacket – Scent Hunting Clothes

This is our second last product which plays an important role in blocking scent for hunting. ScentBlocker Switchback jacket is available in large size and it is comfortable plus it provides extreme weather protection. You would get  a few pockets and it offers warmth as well.  This product offers multi-season protection which indicates that it is a high-quality jacket. 

If we talk about the design of this jacket, this comes with zippers, pockets and straps. This product is available with waterproof characteristics which help the jacket to withstand even rainy or humidity. This design is warm, comfy and quiet which means you can easily use this jacket while hunting without getting worried about its quality and noise. 

This large sized scent blocker jacket offers a hood which keeps you safe from rain or dewdrops and does not let you get wet while hunting. It is quite safe to use and offers a feel of convenience. It is soft and stretchable which means, now you can move easily. 

This jacket is made of high-quality material which provides the hunter extreme weather protection and comfort plus the versatility of a variety of seasons. If you want to choose this one, you would be glad to have it because it is 100 percent water-resistant. You won’t feel suffocation after wearing it because it is breathable. 

List of Features 
  • Available in large size
  • It is soft and quiet
  • Tricot contributes in the thick warm Sherpa fleece
  • A hood with adjustment points
  • Elasticized wrist cuffs 
  • Also comes with an adjustable drawcord waist 
Is this Product Really Worth it?

You would get a product with a hood that can be adjusted accordingly, you can use it in every season, offers pockets for storage, zippers, and straps which a hunter demands. This jacket also provides a number of features such as it’s durability, it’s water-resistant, and provides a sense of comfort to its users.

  • You can use it in all seasons.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It does not allow wind to enter into it.
  • It’s a perfect choice for the hunters.
  • Offers two zipper pockets with storm flaps.
  • Its flexible.
  • Its comfortable and silent to use.
  • You may figure out a little cheeky noise while hunting.

ScentBlocker Dead Quiet Jacket – Scent Blocker Hunting Suit

Our last but not the least product is SCENTBLOCKER Dead Quiet Jacket which offers three layers mechanism and you can get this in a large and extra large sizes. The latest technology is used for making this jacket effective for the hunters. It is a lightweight item and locks the odor by not letting it come out otherwise the animals can be alerted.  

This is a high quality jacket which comes with zippered pockets, half-elastic sleeve cuffs, a license grommet, and others. This design is compatible with spider speed clips and it has all the required features which a hunter wants in his hunting jacket.  Along with this amazing product, you can experience a great hunting exposure. 

An appealing jacket when it offers all the features such as silence, comfort, odor locking factor, etc, then it indicates towards it’s effectiveness. You would get chest pockets, lower pockets for the storage, a safety harness slit in back which contributes to easy attachment and concealment.  It also offers a stretch camouflage hood which is lightweight. 

A synthetic polymer is used in the manufacturing process which plays a vital role in absorbing human odor. Water repellent hydrophobic coating is applied to the outer fabric, causing water to bead up and roll off the fabric’s surface. It contributes to increasing the fabric’s saturation point and allows you to be comfortable and in the field for longer.

List of Features: 
  • Offers three layers mechanism.
  • Trinity Technology is used. 
  • Comes with a scent-free silence.
  • Compatible with spider speed clips.
  • Provides different sizes for the hunters.
  •  It allows you to stay in the field for a long time.
Is this Product Really Worth it?

If we talk about its features, it offers a variety of characteristics such as high-quality material, advanced technology, enough pockets, a hood along with adjustable points, elasticized cuffs and it also has the ability to withstand humidity. These all the mentioned features are a clear sign that it is valuable and will be worth your money. 

  • Makes you feel comfortable.
  • Allows you to wear it without any confusion.
  • Its safe and quite silent.
  • Eliminates or prevent the scent.
  • Wrist guard is removable.
  • It has a soft and warm fabric.
  • It is usable in multi-seasons.
  • This product does not have many reviews shared by the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hunting scent blockers work?

It is the feature or characteristic of a scent blocker that it prevents all the odors from the human body and does not let the animals scare away.

There are some scent eliminator sprays that are accessible for the hunters and they provide outstanding performances. Their working performance can be effective for 99 percent but it also depends on whether the product is original or a duplicate.

How do you get rid of hunting scents?

If you want to know how you get rid of hunting scents then you need to follow a few steps for that. You can wash your clothes with an odor-free detergent, then dry them if it’s possible and it is important to not put on your clothes until you get to your area.

Further, you should use odor eliminator spray on your boots and clothing. The most important thing is to hunt in a season that is in your favor.

How do you deodorize clothes for hunting?

It is very simple to do so because the steps are straightforward to follow. Firstly, put all of your hunting clothes in the washing machine and set it to the cold water cycle.

You need to make sure that before starting the load, place your baking soda in the main container with your clothes. If the odors on your clothes persist then it is recommended to try using 1 cup of baking soda rather than. 

Are scentLok and scentBlocker the same?

There is a difference between these two ScentLok and ScentBlocker. Basically, ScentBlocker uses a variety of scent control technologies whereas scentlok uses carbon alloy technology.

When we talk about ScentBlocker then they employ a carbon-based technology which is known as cold fusion catalyst. They also employ S3 technology which consists of silver-infused polymers. 

Does scent control really matter deer hunting?

Of course, scent control is essential for successful deer hunting because after that deer won’t be able to smell your odor. The wind is the most effective scent control method.
You may need to put a little more effort and planning ahead of time however once you start seeing more deer in the fall, it will all be worth it. If you don’t use scent control methods, you won’t be successful in deer hunting. 

Can deer smell your breath?

Animals have this ability to smell a human’s odor and that’s why you should eliminate all unwanted smells. The scents are exhaled and released through your skin. And these chemicals are known as VOCs and are evaporated into the air and can frighten deer while hunting. According to some researchers, it is difficult to figure out which precise chemicals of the human body’s odor can frighten deer. 

How much baking soda do you use to wash hunting clothes?

If you are using baking soda for washing your hunting clothes, you should know how much baking soda you should use. You can add 12 cups which is 115 g of baking soda to your load of laundry. Now, the next step is to pull all of your hunting clothes in the washing machine on a cold water cycle. Before you start the load, you need to place your soda in the main compartment beside your clothing.

Should you wear deodorant when hunting?

If you are going hunting and want a successful hunting experience then you may use deodorant when hunting. Deodorant can contribute in eliminating all the odors, especially when in summers, you use deodorant to get rid of the sweat smells and it really works. Getting all of your clothing in tip-top shape before and during the season can offer you a leg up on the competition when it comes to hunting a deer. 


There are many benefits of scent-blocking jackets, if you are looking for one, you need to choose it carefully and wisely.

These jackets can prevent the odors plus they can also make your hunting experience more successful and adventurous.

However, before you choose one, it is important for you to consider a number of critical things such as a jacket should be flexible & stretchable, it should have versatility, the manufacturing quality should be high, the fabric quality and the size should be determined.

If you consider all the features in your jacket, you can have a high-quality one along with its worth. If a product is a little expensive for you but comes with high quality, then you should not compromise on that and you may spend that little more.

If you are interested in purchasing one, you may choose from the above reviewed or mentioned brands and products on the basis of their traits and disadvantages. Best of luck with your Best scent control clothing for hunting.

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