Best String Silencers For Compound Bow

Top 10 Best String Silencers For Compound Bow in 2023

Are you looking for the best string silencers for compound bows reviews? If you are a recreational shooter then the bowstrings can also be off-putting and if you are a hunter then noisy bow strings aren’t acceptable. Sometimes it gets so irritating to use noisy ones.

If you want to make your compound bow’s string silent then you should choose it carefully while considering the material, the noise, and most importantly ease of installation. Obviously, you don’t want your bow to sound like an instrument by making noise which also affects your shooting and targets. 

There is a solution to get rid of this noise because there are many brands that offer the Best String Silencers For Compound bows. Some are inexpensive while others are expensive ones and they come in different types, simple installation procedures and others demand extra effort.

It is the simplest and most effective change to insert the best bow string silencers to a compound bow. These little accessories are beneficial for field archers, target archery, and hunting archers.

In this article, you would get to know about a variety of brands that offer the best string silencers for compound or traditional bows along with their flaws and features and the quality of the material. 

Just stick to this article till the end!

What are Bow String Silencers?

These string silencers are also called string dampeners and they are used for lessening the vibration and noise which is produced while discharging an arrow

They are directly attached to the bowstring and an archer or archery specialist can do this. It depends on the category of bow silencer along with the capability of an individual.

There are two types of materials for silencers such as synthetic and natural ones. They both have their own characteristics and different functions

How Do Bow Silencers Work? 

It is essential to understand how bow silencers work, so when you pull back the string, it turns into elastic potential energy which is already stored in the bow. While releasing the arrow, the bow string returns in its actual shape and the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy which tends it to drive onward.

There is some energy in the string and vibration is heard when the bow is shooting. Bow silencers are used because they help in reducing the amount of kinetic energy and the vibration in the bow string by absorption.

Instead of being silent, the bow shot can be weaker than the silencer’s usage and that is why most archers prefer to use a bow silencer while shooting or archery. 

Why Should You Get Bow String Silencers? 

Noisy strings are not ideal because they also produce vibration and it is not a good idea to use a noisy bow. You should use bow string silencers because they can minimize the string vibration and also allow for more pleasant and precise shots.

Excessive energy can cause the bow to weaken or break over time and it also decreases the bow string’s lifetime. Silencers can absorb this excessive energy and they also reduce the vibration plus noise as well. With the help of string silencers, you can tune your bow easily without any disturbance. 

Where to Put a String Silencer on a Bow? 

It is important to know where you should put a string silencer on your bow. The closer and the center of the bowstring, there will be less produced sound but most of the power will be lost. You should place them on the knocking point for the optimal reduction of noise.

Furthermore, the silencers must be placed above and below on the knocking point while maintaining balance. It is essential to put a silencer 6 to 6 inches from both limbs. It is mandatory to research more for putting the string silencer in the best position for maximum noise reduction. 

Our top three picks:

I know that most of you don’t have much time to read the whole article and just want to know our top three recommendations, so here we go with our top three string silencers for the bow:


Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer


  • Features: Lightweight, long lasting, made up of tanned beaver hide
  • Weight: 0.02 pounds

TOPARCHERY Otter Hide Bow String Silencer


  • Features: Made of premium lightweight Rex Rabbit fur, Durable and lightweight.
  • Weight: 0.006 pounds

Trad Gear 12 pc PRO Pack Camo Whisker Bowstring Silencers


  • Features: Super Quiet Rubber Whisker Bowstring Silencers, Lightweight, and Easy to Tie
  • Weights: 0.06 pounds

If you’re still here then I think you want more, so keep reading this article!

Things to Consider While Looking For Bow String Silencers 

When you look for a silencer for your noisy string of bow then you should consider each and everything before getting it. There is a wide range of brands offering silencers along with different materials, quality, costs, and other things. You should determine the high-quality material, the vibrating or noisy characteristics, and its easy installation procedure.

Material Type 

If your bow string is making noise, then you can go for a silencer. However, before looking for a silencer, make sure the type of the material.

Synthetics are currently popular because of their animal fur-like appearance without the use of one. Animal fur ball strips, on the other hand, assuming you don’t mind using animal goods, are excellent silencers and are the ones used in traditional archery.

On other hand, Rubber string silencers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, in addition to synthetic whiskers. These are really effective, but they don’t stay as long as the others. 

Vibrations or Noises 

There is an important purpose of using a silencer that contributes to lessening the noise and vibration while pulling the string of the bow to shoot. Before you get a silencer, you should determine the quality of reducing noise and vibration in a silencer otherwise your silencer won’t be worth it and it will just be a waste of your money.

In general, if you’re a competitive archer, vibration reduction should be a top goal, whereas noise reduction is essential for hunting. Try to pick the best one for you based on these requirements and preferences.

Ease of Installation 

Installation of a string silencer can be difficult for a normal person who is not a specialist. There is a wide range of silencers that come with the ease of installation whereas some are tough to install properly.

It can be difficult to remove and reattach the bow silencer on a compound bow by yourself. Unless you have the necessary abilities and knowledge, it’s best to go for one that’s simple to install and doesn’t require removing the bowstring. It also takes less time than the previous method.


The quality of a string silencer matters a lot because, without the high quality of the product, there will be no advantage to you. It is mandatory to consider the quality of the silencer. You should ensure the quality whether it’s a high-quality product or not and after determining that you should decide on buying a silencer for your bowstring.

Following up on the installation, having a high-quality silencer means you won’t have to replace it as frequently.

String Silencers For Compound Bow

Consider compound bows once more, and how inconvenient it will be to have to replace the silencer every few weeks by removing and reattaching the bow string.

What are the Best String Silencers For Compound Bow?

We will discuss the best types of strings with reviews from now, the best brands to buy from, and much more. Our reviews will help you decide which is the best bow for your hunting needs. Moreover, we will provide you with a buying guide that will help you select the Best String Silencers For Compound Bow on your budget. So let’s start with the review:

  1. Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer
  2. TOP ARCHERY Otter Hide Bow String Silencer One Pair
  3. Mossy Oak String
  4. Bowjax 1036 Ultra Bow Jax II Dampener-Pack of 4
  5. LimbSaver Everlast String Leech
  6. Trad Gear 12 pc PRO Pack Camo Whisker Bowstring Silencers
  7. Carbon Express 57509 String Silencer
  8. Apex Gear Doubledown String Silencers
  9. String Silencer Bow Noise Recurve Bow String

Now what you see above is the list of best string silencers for compound bow, so let’s get started with each of the reviews!

Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer

If you are looking for a string silencer for your bow then you can go for this one. Mountain Man Beaver balls string silencer is the favorite silencer among many archers and it is a lightweight product.

They can reduce the maximum noise in your string. People usually call them ‘cat toys’ because it looks like them. This silencer looks more traditional and it feels so natural. 

This silencer can be installed without the removal of string but through removal and the separation of string, the silencer can fit more securely. However, the installation procedure is not really painful.

The length of these Mountain Man Beaver balls is 10.4 cm and the width is also 10.4 cm. The height of the package is 1.0 cm and the dimension of the item is ‎4.09 x 4.09 x 0.39 inches.

This silencer is small in size however it offers a good experience to archers because of its natural and synthetic look along with its characteristics. 

This silencer is manufactured with 100% beaver hide and with all the organic material. The balls are green and they can contribute amazingly to reducing the noise in your string maximum of 70 % or maybe more than that. I would suggest you to give it a look as it has really nice reviews everywhere.

  1. It is a lightweight silencer.
  2. This silencer is long-lasting.
  3. It is made of high-quality material.
  4. It offers a natural appearance to the users.
  5. It is the most famous one among all the silencers.
  • It provides 100 percent Beaver natural hide.
  • It is durable.
  • It can be fitted with all types of bows.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It is from a famous and reliable equipment brand.
  • Ideal for the traditional archers.
  • It is not suitable for people who do not use animal products.
  • The speed of the string may slow down.
  • In comparison to some synthetic silencers, it’s quite heavy.

TOPARCHERY Otter Hide Bow String Silencer One Pair

When you look for a string silencer, choose it carefully because the quality and material matter a lot. This silencer of TOPARCHERY Otter Hide is a very lightweight silencer that does not impact your archery.

You will have one pair of silencers by this brand and you also don’t need to worry about its durability because it is really durable according to its users. It provides good absorption of vibration in your string. 

For the installation, you’ll have to unwrap the string of the compound bow and then insert one side of the silencer into the gap. After that wrap the string silencer onto the string and pay close attention to the winding direction.

To avoid clamping the fur, you’ll have to try blowing it through the wrapping procedure. After this process, insert the other end of the bow string silencer into the gap and that’s how will install it. Because this silencer has been used by many archers then you will find so many tutorials on youtube regarding this.

The dimensions for this silencer are ‎4 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches and the weight is 0.01 kg which is equivalent to Mountain Man Beaver balls. You can get this in black and white color. This silencer is designed in such a way that it can withstand all weather conditions.

Otter hide is used in the manufacturing of this amazing string silencer which can fit in all types of bows. You can use this silencer in all weather but rain because it is durable and minimizes the vibration or noise in your bowstring during shooting.

The fur has natural colors which can easily blend with the surroundings in the dark. But during the daytime, some maybe find it difficult to get camouflage due to its appearance.

  1. The silencer is light in weight.
  2. It can withstand all weather conditions except rain.
  3. It offers amazing neutralization of vibration and noise.
  4. It is easy to install.
  5. It also increases the life of the string.
  6. It is effective.
  7. A good partner for your bowstring.
  • It makes you feel natural.
  • The weight of this silencer is just 3 grams which is less than the others.
  • It is durable because it can work in all weather conditions.
  • It has amazing and captivating color.
  • The installation procedure can be a little bit tricky.
  • This silencer wont work in rainy weather.

Mossy Oak String

Everyone wants something, especially the silencer for their bowstring durable which does not stop working and damage even in harsh weather. Mossy Oak String offers a silencer that comes with a beautiful design of ‘cat whiskers’ and it also does not become a hurdle in your shooting. You don’t even need to worry about the size because it is small in size plus it’s not difficult to install it.  

There are some silencers which are not easy to install especially for the beginners however this item can be installed by a beginner easily as well. You don’t even require to separate the string for the installation.  You may put some effort into getting your tie on installation. 

The dimensions of the item’s package is ‎5.2 x 3.3 x 0.9 inches and the weight is 0.02 kg. You would get 4 pieces of softballs in the package, in case if you fail to install the 2 then you can use those remaining in the package.

This silencer is available in black color. The design is different from other brands and it is able to withstand all weather conditions such as rain etc. 

There are several string silencers that are made of natural materials and feel smooth & soft; however, they can’t withstand rain because they will get wet and won’t allow you to use them in harsh weather. This silencer is made of non-organic material which is rubber and it can also perform in wet weather.

  1. Lightweight to install.
  2. Installation is straightforward.
  3. Offers a different design.
  4. Provides extra softballs.
  5. For reduction of noise, small strips easily consume the vibration.
  6. It is waterproof.
  • This product is made of high-quality synthetic materials.
  • You can install it easily.
  • It is user friendly.
  • You would get four silencers in just a single package.
  • It does not have much weight.
  • Installation on the tie may not work.
  • Significant-velocity impacts can sometimes cause harm to the item.

Bowjax 1036 Ultra Bow Jax II Dampener-Pack of 4

If you are not excited or don’t like the cat whiskers then you may choose this silencer of Bowjax Ultra BowJax because it offers a lot more.  From this brand, you would have a package with 4 pieces of limbs included in it.

It will help you in quieting the noisy bowstrings because along with vibration, you can’t shoot calmly and peacefully. The weight of the item is just 19 grams. 

To install this silencer in your bowstring is not hard. These limbs are attached directly to the bow string and if you have a recurve, you can slide them on and adjust them by sliding up and down the string.

Furthermore, if you have a compound, you can set them up with your bow press and you have your local archery shop do it for you. 

These pups are shaped like crossbones and skull however they can be attached or linked straightforwardly. Moreover, the dimension of the item is ‎6.25 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches and the weight is 0.05 pounds. You can have this silencer in black color. 

This silencer is designed in a very unique and modern style. It will also appeal to the archers who like modern designs. High-quality material is used in the production of this silencer which contributes in dampening the excessive noise and vibration.  

  1. It does not contain much weight.
  2. It offers a modern design.
  3. Suitable for modern archers.
  4. Provides maximum reduction of sound.
  5. Comes with a good quantity of limbs.
  • It is modern, sleek, and unobtrusive.
  • This bow is suitable for an archer who is modern.
  • It offers a reduction of 50 % in noise and vibration.
  • For those who don’t want or like to wear fur, this bow is an ideal option for them.
  • This bow comes with a set of four.
  • It is not as durable as organic fur is.

LimbSaver Everlast String Leech

There are some silencers in the market which are considered as the best silencers for the compound bows. LimbSaver Everlast String Leech provides a silencer for the bowstring and it is a great way to eliminate the unwanted noise or sound in the string.

This silencer is small and it does not add any weight or volume to your bowstring. You won’t resist purchasing this one because it is available with extreme weather tolerance. 

These silencers come in a variety of colors however the installation process is similar to Beaver Balls in that you’ll need to splice them into the string. The installation is straightforward through the videos and there are other options as well to install them.  

The dimension of the item is 5.91 x 3.9 x 0.71 inches and this item can be purchased in many different colors. This string silencer is designed for recurve and compound bows. Additionally, this design has the characteristic of withstanding harsh weather because of its rubber material. 

This silencer is able to reduce and absorb the string’s noise and vibration by more than 90 % while shooting because it is made of the unique NAVCOM material of LimbSaver. You can use these silencers on the longbows if the tension is at sufficient height. The corners and points are neatly rounded for such a little piece of gear and this is how long-lasting cords are made.

  1. It reduces maxim noise.
  2. It is made of unique material.
  3. It is available in small sizes.
  4. It has the feature of durability. 
  • This product offers durability.
  • This silencer provide water-resistance.
  • It has good absorption of vibration.
  • You can have a variety of colors to choose from.
  • The stabilizers may be broken by extremely high stress. You’ll have to be careful while using them.

Trad Gear 12 pc PRO Pack Camo Whisker Bowstring Silencers

When you wish to have a silencer for the bowstring which is easy to install plus does not add much weight on the string, then you can have one which is Trad Gear’s silencer. It comes with less weight which is easy to install. It is one of the most famous whiskers ever made. For creating a unique look, three different colors for the silencers are mixed.  

The method for installing this silencer for your bowstring is pretty easy and straightforward. You can install it without any difficulty and then you can experience your shooting without any disturbance of noise and vibration. 

It can be an amazing choice of yours because this silencer comes with 12 pieces and each piece includes three colors brown, black and green, it is really value for money because most don’t provide such a pair with the purchase. This is a unique design that attracts the users or archers though it is also good in reduction of noise and vibration in the bowstring.  

It is a super quiet silencer that is made of rubber and this can withstand weather especially good in the rain. You can use it in humidity and it won’t break or stop working. This is the best quality silencer that will not let you down because of its performance in dampening unwanted vibration. 

Because we enlist these silencers according to their number of reviews, this product come at this position otherwise it would be in the 2nd or third position if we considered performance.

  1. It is durable.
  2. It is made of non-organic material.
  3. Installation is straightforward.
  4. It is available affordable price.
  5. Offers an excellent performance. 
  • It has the durability feature.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • High quality material.
  • Famous among the archers.
  • You may face difficulty while installing it.

Carbon Express 57509 String Silencer

If you are an enthusiast of cat whiskers then this silencer is an ideal choice for you. Carbon Express also provides a silencer with soft hairs of rubber. The package includes 2 pieces and you can easily install them like there is not rocket science. These silencers fit properly and are cheap in comparison to others. 

You don’t need to separate the bow string because you can’t install the silencer without that as well. They can be just simply tied to the string of bow and for dividing it into individual whiskers, tug on each side. Apart from its pricing, it boasts one of the quickest and fastest setups among the others, making it more beginner-friendly. 

The dimension of this item is 1.97 x  3.94 x 1 inch and the weight is 0.01 pounds which is less good compared to others. This design fits smoothly and is available in greyish. It also does not disappoint in terms of performance. It decreases noise and vibration by up to 40% while consuming little energy or power.

Nylon is used in the manufacturing of this silencer. This silencer is waterproof and it will provide you with a good hunting and shooting experience. Furthermore, because it is constructed of rubber, it is both waterproof and lightweight.

It is only 4.5 grams in weight. Furthermore, because they are a reproduction of a real whisker’s silencer, no animal fur or product is used.

  1. It fits properly.
  2. Smooth to use.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Waterproof quality.
  5. Cheap than others.
  6. Good noise reduction ability.
  • You can have this silencer in affordable price.
  • This fits easily and smoothly.
  • This silencer can reduce up to 40 % the vibration and noise in string.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Some users may find its appearance to be unkempt.
  • This string silencer may cause the smell of glue.
  • This product may expire soon.

Apex Gear Doubledown String Silencers

There are some string silencers that are for the usage of both beginners and experts, however, some are just for the experts. Apex Gear doubledown’s this spring silencer is for beginners and it is easy to use. This silencer provides you with the quickest and easy installation method. It offers effective results after installing it to the bowstring. 

The installation method is quite easy, you just have to simply slide one of the silencer’s arms beneath the string and the other arm through the silencer’s hole to form a knot. This is the reason, it is considered the perfect choice for beginners. 

You may get confused by its appearance however it comes in bright colors and it offers an excellent job of noise reduction. The dimension of the item is ‎6 x 6 x 1 inches and the design or shape of this silencer is not like others.

This silencer is made of rubber and that’s why it stays put and does not unknot. Furthermore, it is not overly expensive, and you are receiving a set of four. Plus, unlike other similar rubber bow silencers, they don’t fall off as readily, making it an amazing deal for both beginners and specialists. Rubber silencers can withstand wet weather. 

  • It is not much expensive.
  • Available in multi-colors.
  • Reduces maximum or almost noise and vibration.
  • It is made with high-quality material.
  • It offers effective results.
  • This silencer of the string can fit or attach easily.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • It is suitable for all types of bows.
  • Especially for the beginners but amazing for experts as well.
  • It is durable and waterproof.
  • It reduces the vibration of the string.
  • It may break while fitting it or attaching to the bow string.
  • Bright colors may not be to everyone’s liking.

String Silencer Bow Noise Recurve Bow String

If you want a bowstring silencer on a good budget, small in size but still powerful then you won’t find better than this one. This string silencer is easy to store plus it can also meet your requirements too.

Further, it does not add much weight to the bow because it’s a lightweight one. You don’t need to be worried about its durability especially in humidity because it can withstand such wet weather as well.  

There is no rocket science or difficulty while installing this silencer to bow string. You don’t require any extra tools to attach bow string whiskers to the bowstring and you can do it yourself.  

The dimension of this product is ‎5.83 x 4.09 x 0.28 inches and the weight is 0.01 kg. You can get this amazing silencer in black color and small size which can be stored easily.

They’re compatible with longbows, crossbows, and all recurve and compound bows. These silencers will survive much longer than the artificial ones available on the market. 

Bow string whiskers silencers are manufactured of high-quality rubber that is strong and long-lasting, with the goal of serving you for a long time. Now, you can use your silencer for the bow string for a long period. 

  • You can get this in reasonable price.
  • It is available in small size.
  • It is easy to store.
  • Assembling is easy.
  • It comes with a sufficient amount of silencers.
  • It is tanned and treated in a unique way.
  • The weight is less than 3 grams.
  • You can easily store it.
  • It offers excellent results for reducing noise.
  • It can perform with all kinds of bows.
  • It supports all weather conditions.
  • You may find installation complicated or not that much easy.
  • Due to the weight, the speed of the shot may slow down.

How to Install a String Silencer? 

There are a variety of different string silencers along with distinctive sizes. Before you install the silencer, remove the bowstring and it is not at all hard for a skilled archer. It can be tough for some compound bows, however, other silencers can be easily connected to the bow string. You can follow the below steps for installing a cat’s whiskers silencer.

  1. Make a mark with chalk 8 inches from both limbs on your bowstring.
  2. Begin to secure one end of the piece and serve string an inch above the mark.
  3. Wrap the serving string around the bowstring. 
  4. Try to pull it with each rotation for maximum taut.
  5. While leaving a quarter of an inch, put the silencer in place.
  6. You need to wrap the string 5 times around the fastening point on the silencer.
  7. Again wrap the serving string around the bowstring until the one inch of mark is reached.
  8. Now, you can carry on with the other limb. 
  9. Complete the procedure and start testing it.

You can watch this video to get the know-how on how you can install your string silencers.

Frequent Asking Questions:

What makes a bow string noisy?

In a bow, the sight, arrow rest, and the stabilizer are the components which can make noise. You can easily and simply detect the problem of having your bow by gently wiggling the pieces just to see if they are loose. It is important to ensure each aspect of the attachable including the stabilizer itself and any attached weights.  

Why do I need a quiet bow string?

It is very important to have a quiet bow string in such life & death situations. You should have a silencer for a quiet bow shot. The less vibration your bow will produce, the less noise your each shot will make. If you want a more pleasant not annoying shot experience then you should go for a quiet bow string. 

What does a string silencer do?

When you pull the string of the bow, there is elastic energy which converts into the kinetic energy after releasing the string and it comes to its original shape. There is also stored energy in the bow. String silencers absorb the extra kinetic energy and the vibration which is caused by the string and reduce the noise.

How to make your own string silencer?

If you don’t want to order a string silencer or you want to make your own then you can take a ball of giant wool and then take a big length of that wool. After that, you’ll have to wrap it around your hand 15 to 16 times. Then, stick this between the string and cut the ends of the wool. Now, your DIY string silencer is ready to give an amazing performance.

What is the best type of bow string silencer?

Bowjax String Silencer can reduce the string noise up to 90 percent. If you do this, then you’ll have a better chance of getting a good beginner shot at your selected target. After installing them, you will notice a remarkable change in the noise while shooting. These tiny silencers or accessories will help a lot besides quieting your bow.

Can I use more than one bowstring silencer?

Yes, you can use more than one bow string silencer if your bow string is making noise and vibrating. Sometimes, these sounds become irritating and disturbing plus they do not allow you to focus on your target while pulling the string and then releasing it. If you are going to install these silencers then do it carefully. 

What are most silencers made of?

String silencers are made with a variety of materials and their quality of them varies from brand to brand. To make these silencers, high-quality metal Alloys such as aluminum, titanium or stainless steel are utilized. These high-quality materials can experience the force of expanding gases and cool them down which contributes to reducing the noise and vibrations. 

Are there any disadvantages to using a bow string silencer?

String silencers are used for reducing the vibrations and noise in the bowstring because after that you can have a good hunting experience. There are some benefits of the string however there are also several disadvantages of it such as your speed of the bow string may slow down because of the silencer.

Do string silencers affect speed?

Yes of course, after installing the silencers, the speed of the shooting will be lessened however not sufficient to change your 30-yard trajectory. If you often shoot beyond that then you may see the difference. There are other elements or aspects to consider but the fact is that by adding the silencers to your bowstring, it will lose its speed.

Do monkey tails slow your bow down?

Yes, they are easy to break and slow your bow string down and make money for Mathews. Along with nearly, all string and cable noise and the vibration are removed. Four Monkey Tails amounts to a total speed loss of 1 to 2 fps. If you want to have them, then you can customize these Monkey Tails in nine different colors. 


Bowstrings can help you in enhancing your shooting skills. If you are looking for a more pleasant release of bow spring and a good hunting experience, then you should pursue string silencer usage. There is a variety of the string silencers of different brands which vary from quality to quality, ease of installation, and other things.

Before you have one, you should consider its high-quality material, ease of installation, noise reduction ability, and others too. You can choose one from our reviewed string silencers according to your requirements.

A string silencer that appeals to you and good enough in material, installation, noise reduction, and features. You can purchase one and can have a great experience of shooting. Best of Luck for your best string silencer for compound bow!

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