How Far Can a Crossbow Shoot?

How Far Can a Crossbow Shoot?

If you are considering getting a crossbow but don’t know how far can a crossbow shoot? Then consider these things: they’re powerful and lethal, and fun to use for hunting or target practice. With that in mind, ask yourself if those benefits outweigh any worries.

In order to decide whether a certain range is good enough for your needs, you can look at various factors such as the cost of arrows(bolts), accuracy, and power. You may find this information helpful when deciding if it’s worth purchasing a weapon. However, if you’re not an experienced hunter or have no experience with hunting gear then there’s nothing else to compare it against.

Crossbows are capable of shooting arrows much farther than you might think, and they can do so consistently. A properly sized crossbow, with the right amount of draw weight, will shoot arrows accurately for many yards, even in the hands of an inexperienced shooter.

However, the distance a crossbow can shoot accurately is limited by a number of factors. These include the draw weight of the bow, the crossbow’s draw length, and the archer’s strength and skill. The distance a crossbow can shoot is directly related to the draw weight and draw length of the bow. A bow with higher draw weights or longer bows will be able to shoot arrows further. Once again, it’s all about drawing force against pull length.

Today, we will show you how far can a crossbow shoot. We’ll also share information like what type of bow to use and how to improve your accuracy with this amazing tool, without having to change any part of the bow’s design or use different arrows.

How Far Can a Crossbow Shoot

So how far can a crossbow shoot?

In reality, a good crossbow can shoot as far as 490-500 yards. Are you impressed? Well, we didn’t tell you this because we think it’s impressive. It’s not the case though. This is because while you might be able to shoot a bolt 500 yards away, it doesn’t mean the bolt can kill something that far. 

When a crossbow bolt is fired, the kinetic energy it has when it lands 500 yards away is typically zero or next to zero. Ironically, crossbows don’t have to shoot far at all. The important thing is that they do the job on a larger hunting range which is why they are recommended in most cases!

The effective range of a crossbow is as far as the kinetic energy from that bolt can travel. It should be noted, however, that both bolts and arrows have different flight patterns so it’s not always possible to accurately gauge how much further a particular projectile will fly after being shot out of any given bow or rifle.

A good crossbow, with an effective range of 50 to 80 yards, is typically 300 FPS. What this means is that a high-quality, over 300 FPS crossbow can only kill wild game at a shorter distance than that, typically less than 80 yards.

The effective range of a firearm is considered to be 80 yards, meaning you’ll have to move closer (to the animal) before shooting.

There is no harm in knowing how far a crossbow can shoot, but it’s more important to know the effective hunting range. What is so odd about the advice we get that tells us to “know what range a bow shoots”? Is this truly all there is? In reality, it’s not just about knowing how far something can shoot; you need to also consider where your target will be and whether or not you’ll be able to reach them with accuracy.

Practice makes perfect, and this is what you can do. Next time you get somewhere safe and peaceful where you could practice shooting a crossbow, try to shoot one bolt at least 500 yards away. It will be tough to hit 500 yards, but you can practice and fine-tune your bow until it shoots bolts as far as 450 yards or so. It’s all about putting in some effort.

To shoot your crossbow more accurately, you need to practice shooting it with the bow arms locked out and making sure that your aim is as close to perfect as possible. Learning about your bow, the skills you develop, and the ideal conditions will make you a better hunter/ shooter. The knowledge gained is what makes hunting easier.

How Far Can a Crossbow Shoot

How far can a recurve bow shoot?

recurve bow

A recurve bow is better suited for hunting than accuracy shooting because it has a much shorter draw length, which means it cannot be drawn back very far without risking damaging the bow limbs.

That said, some recurve bows are very accurate when shooting at close range because they have stiffer limbs that produce more energy in their shots. Though the effective range for recurve bow is typically between 20 to 35 yards.

How far can a longbow shoot?


Longbows, which are the most common type of bow in archery, are simple bows. They do not have as much complex technology and cannot shoot as far – typically between 200 to 300 yards or 50-100 meters. Its effective range is relatively short; it will be 30 to 50 yards away from its target in optimal conditions with a typical high-quality longbow. 

Longbows are designed for hunting, and to hunt big game such as deer. If you’re looking for a longbow that can shoot far distances with high accuracy and power, check out our list of the best quality longbows, that are available in the market, now. Find the best prices.

How far can a compound bow shoot?

How far can a compound bow shoot?

Compound bows are different from crossbows. Compound Bow have a cam attached to the bow, which allows the archer to pull against a long lever. The result is that compound bows have more inherent accuracy than crossbows since they can shoot at a faster rate of speed and into a tighter draw length.

They also require less physical strength for operation, so even an inexperienced shooter can use them effectively. And the compound bow is effective to shoot at normally within 30 to 60 yards.

How Much Draw Weight Should I Aim For?

When it comes to archery, the draw weight is one of the most important factors in determining a crossbow’s accuracy. The higher the draw weight, the more force you will have behind your arrow.

For example, if you have a bow with a draw weight of 50 pounds and you shoot an arrow at 200 yards away from you, it will take around half a second for the arrow to reach its target. If you were to increase that same bow’s draw weight by 10 pounds, it would take less than four seconds for your shot to reach its target.

However, as mentioned before, there are many factors that determine how far a crossbow can shoot accurately. It all depends on your strength and skill level when shooting with a crossbow!

How Much Draw Length Should I Aim For?

The distance a crossbow can shoot accurately is also limited by the archer’s strength and skill. This is because they have to be able to accurately draw the bowstring back, hold it in place, and release it. They need to keep their arms steady while they fire an arrow.

A good rule of thumb is that a crossbow should only be able to shoot arrows about 10-feet further than the archer can physically reach with their arm extended. So if an archer can reach 10-feet, then a crossbow should only be able to shoot arrows about 20-feet with good aim.

The length of your arm is just one factor in this equation. Increasing your strength will increase how far you can shoot an arrow, but you still need accuracy for those shots.

What to do to improve the range of your crossbow

If your bow shoots bolts at 300 FPS and you are using a high-quality bolt that can be shot with good accuracy, you should be able to shoot them out as far as 400 yards. The effective range of the weapon is also not less than 50 yards.

If you are having difficulty firing 400 yards at least, there would be a problem and you should consider addressing it. These steps will help ensure that your weapon shoots further.

Your Crossbow should be tuned:

When shooting your crossbow, you should ensure it can shoot at its maximum potential. By setting your crossbow up correctly, you can shoot bolts as far away and strong. And setting it incorrectly will hinder its potential.

The very first thing you need to ensure is that your crossbow is properly balanced. Balance can be checked by following the instructions in the owner’s manual for your specific model or searching YouTube and social media for videos on how to fine-tune it.

Different videos on how to fine-tune countless crossbows have been posted by many crossbow companies and owners. You can’t go wrong with some of these helpful tips, as they range from adjusting the trigger mechanism to changing out certain parts of the bowstring.

If you want to make sure your crossbow shoots bolts at a high speed, fine-tuning is the way to go.

Do fine maintenance:

The following should be done to maintain a crossbow well: cleaning, lubricating, and maintaining. The maintenance of your crossbow will allow it to run smoothly which is essential if you have plans on shooting bolts as fast as possible. If you don’t take care of your crossbow, it will not be able to shoot as fast.

There are several steps involved in the proper care and maintenance of a crossbow, including lubricating the string, waxing it, and removing and reattaching removable parts.

You should be very concerned about the safety of your weapon. You should take it as a necessary evil to regulate the maintenance of your crossbow, especially when you have used it on a rainy day or in any wet condition.

Always choose the right bolt:

You have to have the correct bolt for your crossbow to reach the maximum range of its shot. Contact the manufacturer of your setup and find out which bolt they recommend before buying that very bolt in order to be sure you’re getting the best performance at all times.

You need to ensure that this very particular bolt performs optimally, as, without it, a lesser performance can be expected from the device when using it in a shooting situation.

Do more practice:

Before you step up to a target, make sure your crossbow is properly adjusted. Even if you’re an experienced marksman, it’s not guaranteed that your shot will be accurate in the first few tries. In fact, someone who has never used one before would have trouble shooting accurately without practice and training. 

What are the benefits of practice for shooting a crossbow? Shooting your crossbow correctly is not only helpful when hunting but also beneficial in improving upon an inexperienced person’s skills.

Practice will also help you to become a better hunter. In order to achieve mastery of your bow, you will need to practice a lot. Once you become an expert at archery and are ready for the game, even shooting at a distance is easy.


Crossbows are versatile, accurate, and can be used for a variety of activities. To shoot arrows at a maximum range of between 400 and 500 yards, an average crossbow would need to have a speed of 300 FPS. It also requires that you be within the effective range of 40-80 yards.

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